Types of XJWs, part 2

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    I had a meltdown the other day with some family matters and I couldn't conclude the second part of my essay about the types of XJWs. I'm somewhat better right now, so I'm concluding the essay today.

    The Brett Favre

    Once had a high position in the faith, but the religion didn't want them anymore, so they decided to tell everybody where the bodies were buried and do anything they can to spite their old faith. These days, you can find many Brett Favres, as the WTS has made many cutbacks at Bethel. As much as the WT tries to spin a Brett Favre release as something beneficial for the organization, the fact that there are so many Favres running around is a sign that the WT cannot afford to keep up appearances. Brett Favres are a subset of the "Mad as Can Be". Usually, their leadership skills gained at Bethel or being a CO or elder lends well into rival churches and they usually succeed as ministers in those churches, leading some in JW circles to say that "they formed their own groups in opposition to Jehovah". However, few can achieve being true Brett Favres, since to be a true Brett Favre, you have to defect, gain high status in your new, more mainstream church and not form a cult of personality.

    The Wild Child:

    Finds WT rules to be restrictive and rebels, although few are aware why the WT rules are restrictive. Faulty theology or procedural irregularities don't really faze wild children, they just want to have fun. They are the ones that would most likely get drunk and go to night clubs, but will turn you in if you start discussing theology. Wild Childs are the most common former Witnesses, but cannot be called XJWs in their own rights, since to be an XJW, you have to not believe in the theology anymore.

    The Rudderless Ship.

    Only goes with the flow. They're in because their friends, family or spouse is in and nothing else. Sort of like the Wild Child, but many rudderless ships know deep down inside, that the theology's flawed and would probably be the most likely to turn in a JW if the JW's proposed SHTF moment actually occurs. Rudderless ships are more common than you think.

    The Fader

    They do they "fade". They're sort of like the rudderless ship except they actually know that there's something not right but their family's still in and they want to leave and be known as "spiritually weak" before fading and simply not attending. They do the typical fade. Usually by not going out on service, then not going to the weekday meetings, then usualy not going to the Sunday meetings, then only appearing during conventions, then only appearing during the memorial service, then ditching the entire religion and moving on. How successful of a fade you can do usually relies on how you can keep yourself from doing "worldly" activities

    The Closeter

    A lot like the fader, except they still have friends in and would like to keep those relationships in tact. The closeter may be hypervigilant and be as vocal of a JW as possible, but deep down inside, they know it's false and they try to do their non JW activities out of town or in nearby towns. The closeter tries their hardest not to be exposed, and may keep their behavior as uncandid as possible. Closeting may be a method that a Wild Child or a Whitney Houston uses, but they're not closeters per se. A closeter is somebody who closets themselves based on theological disagreements, not because they disagree with the rules. I personally know a closeted JW that's closeted in more ways than one.

    The Naturalized Ex Pat

    The Nirvana for all Faders, Closeters, Brett Favres and Mad as Can Bes. No longer are they concerned with their former religion's dealings. They no longer keep in good contact with the family from the old country or even with dissidents from the old country in the new country. They may read news about the old country and even may discuss theology with people from the old country. But at the end of the day, they've moved on to a new life. They've had their weddings in a local church. They celebrate Christmas without the fear of somebody seeing and disfellowshipping or shunning them. They vote, they participate in campaigns, they practice martial arts etc, without a second thought. The JWs were a past life. They've now gained citizenship in a new country and couldn't care less what everybody else is doing in the old land.

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    Thanks for the update and answering my question about Naturalised Ex-pats

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