Another story from the 'way back' machine...

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  • Jim_TX

    I am just sitting here at work, and this memory popped into my head. It makes me laugh now... but when it happened, I was puzzled.

    It occurred waaaay back when I was a good lil' JW. There was one of those 'circuit' assemblies that they held locally, and I volunteered to work in the sound department. That assembly, someone had access to old telephone equipment, and so we ran our own private telephone exchange - complete with switchboard - that was manned... errr... womaned by volunteer sisters. I helped out by running wire and setting up new phones, when required.

    There were these three gals - from Georgetown, TX - complete with the 'southern' accent (or is it an Austin accent?). Anyway, I was kinda sweet on one of the gals (Rhonda), and we pal-ed around during some of the assembly. Since we all four 'worked' during the assembly, we went to the next assembly - which was a week later - to just 'listen' to the talks. (heh heh heh)

    I was a young one (about 21 or 22 years old at the time)... and a bit naive - I'll admit it.

    Anyway... one memory that stuck out was one morning, I went to their motel that all three of these gals were staying in locally. I knew their room number, and with jitters in my stomach, I went up and knocked on their door. They were expecting me - sorta - as we had arranged the day before - that I would go on up - and escort them to the morning session. (Remember - this was pre-cell phones.)

    Sooooo... when they opened the door - they were still not ready to go - and were putting on their makeup - and putting things in order - so they could leave. It took all of 5 minutes or so - and we were off for the days' events.

    While there - I was a bit nervous - as I had never gone to meet anyone at their motel room before... and was just concerned that I didn't trip over my own shoelaces - as I wanted to appear 'cool'.

    They finally got finished, and we went on to sit for the 3 or 4 (or 5 or 6) hours & listening to boring lectures (I still have a page from her notes - where she was writing shorthand notes - and I kept interrupting her thought... and she wrote 'SHUTUP' - anyway... it was funny at the time).

    Later, when I related my story about visiting these gals in their motel room - to a good friend (female) who I considered an older sister (family - not JW-way), she just about went ballistic!

    I was afraid that I had committed some sort of breach of JW-protocol doing this - and so was trying to reassure this gal that I wasn't even thinking of doing anything wrong.

    Her concern wasn't me... she was concerned about MY safety with these three gals - as they could have attacked me - I suppose. I was puzzled at this. I suppose she had my best interests in mind, but gee whilikers!

    Thinking back on it now... I could only WISH that they would have considered me someone worthy enough to jump my bones... hahahahahaha!!!

    Just one of those things, I suppose... we all have one or more memories that we can laugh at - now that we are far removed from that wacky religion.


    Jim TX

  • BabaYaga

    I enjoyed your telling of this, Jim. Well written! And yes, thank heavens we're out.

  • snowbird

    Jim, you are a treasure!

    I love your stories.


  • straightshooter

    Those were the days. I remember when I was younger and going out in the field ministry, just me and another young sister. We spent hours in the car, just the two of us, making return visits. Though something could have happened between us, nothing did. We were very close friends.

    Anyway, that sitiuation would never be permitted today. I even heard of a congregation banning brothers and sisters from picking up the opposite sex to take to the meetings. That even includes if the sister was in her 80s and the brother was in his 20s.

  • snowbird

    When I first started out in the ministry (1974), I was fired up with a biblical zeal.

    I remember making a return visit on a young man who, on my initial call, was just moving into an apartment.

    Looking back, I realize that he was lonely and was happy for any company. I told the sister who "studied" with me about it, and she was horrified!

    Need I say that someone else (her husband) took over from there?

    Tee hee hee.


  • undercover

    I remember a group of us (guys and gals) got together for a party at a hotel room during the convention one year. We didn't think anything of it until word leaked out and someone snitched on us to an elder.

    After the convention there was a series of judicial committee meetings to determine what sins had been committed and what punishments should be dolled out.

    All we did was drink beer and sit around and listen to music. I remember a ball game was on TV with the sound down. It was assumed that because we were in a *gasp* hotel room, we had to be up to no good, like an orgy or human sacrifice or sumthin...

    It's funny now, but at the time we were in deep shit with our parents and the elders...and we were in our early 20s!

  • snowbird

    LOL at UnderCover!

    Did I also mention that the aforesaid young man had fixed a nice meal in anticipation of my visit?

    I was so naive back then!


  • undercover
    I was so naive back then!

    I think most of us were...which is exactly what the Society wanted. It kept us afraid of the real world and close to "mother".

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