5 Euros... do i hear any other bids?

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  • highdose

    5 Euros thats how much old JW books are being sold for in my local second hand book shop. They are pre 80's and 70's books, some have been underlined and srciptures wrtten in the margin in typical jw style. i should point out that when i pulled them down off the bookcase they were topped with a generous amount of dust, so i imagine they have been there some time.

    So what is the going rate for old JW books these days?

    by the way, do do we have any fellow posters from europe here? And i don't mean the UK;)

  • teel

    Never saw any JW books in second hand shops. I think it wouldn't sell well, because anyone realizing it's a JW book would think "I could get a JW to bring me this or something similar for free."

    I am from Romania btw, and I've seen someone from Germany. I think the membership is quite diverse here, even if most are from US and UK.

  • Heaven

    There are JW books available on eBay.

  • nelly136

    look for books by j f rutherford and charles taize russel they used to be worth quite a bit, i had a friend who paid about 30 quid for a paradise book on ebay s its probbly better to check and see which ones get the best price before you end up with a pile of dust gatherers you cant get rid of.

  • villabolo

    At the second hand stores in the USA that I've been to, the 20 to 30 year old books would sell as cheaply as 1 dollar. Also the book store owners have told me on several occassions that the elders would occasionaly come and buy all the old books and replace them with new ones. I oncce got a Paradise book for a dollar.


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