Some Chapters from CoC by Ray Franz available online

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  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    I suspect this information has been provided before, but if so, some might not have seen it.

    The following chapters from “Crisis Of Conscience” by Ray Franz are available online:

    Chapter 9 : “1975 – The Appropriate Time For God To Act”

    Chapter 10 : “1914 And This Generation”

    Chapter 11 : “Point Of Decision”

    Chapter 12 : “Aftermath”


  • isaacaustin

    This is also online at on Raymond Franz

  • etna

    I have just read Chapter 12 "Aftermath" and I was shaking my head as I was reading it. When the have an objective, they do whatever they can to carry it out. I can't believe the dishonesty and fraudulant way they go about things. How can we trust what they do when they are asking you questions. We are not allowed to voice an opinoin, even if we are wrong, then perhaps show us why we are wrong in our thinking and show us from God's word the bible the right way. I get so mad, but I've learnt not to accept anything more as they do not answer questions that are asked of them. HYPOCRITES!!!!!!!!


  • isaacaustin

    Ch 12 was moving. You may want to read ch 11 as well.

  • PSacramento

    Ray's work was just so, revealing, to say the very least.

    I still exchange emails with Ray, though it does take him a long time to reply, LOL!

    He is a very busy man and a very cool dude, eyah that's right, I called him a Dude !

    Never onces did he ever, in all our communication, give me anythign other than opinions and point of views and he always told me to research what he said for myself and to never take his, or anyone's, opinion at face value.

    The man is an advocate of the truth and it was because of him that I decided to pursuit a relationship with God through Jesus and not sit on my arse and follow what others say and allow others to "set my path" for me.

    I owe Ray more than I can ever repay.

  • Hope4Others

    Hi Doug, excellent find to wet the appetites of those who have not read the book.

    I hope you will not mind me borrowing your info....

    You find great stuff!


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