Serena Williams cusses out the Ref at the tennis match

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    Tennissuperstar Serena Williams unraveled before the eyes of the thousands in attendance and the millions of people watching at home during her semifinal matchup against Kim Clijsters at the 2009 U.S. Open on Saturday. Her highly publicized meltdown, which was directed at a U.S. Open lineswoman, contained several harsh profanities and inappropriate threats, resulted in a penalty point that effectively ended the match.

    While the penalty point has unfortunately overshadowed Clijsters’ terrific performance and upset victory, Williams’ outburst has become the talk of the tennis world since she issued a public statement that was void of an apology towards the lineswoman. According to, the United States Tennis Organization has issued a maximum fine for a profane-laced tirade, which totals $10,000.

    However, this fine may only be the beginning of the actions taken against Williams since it opens up the potential for a far harsher penalty from the Grand Slam Committee. The committee can opt to suspend Williams and fine her up to $250,000 as a result of her vicious verbal tirade.

    WTA Chairman Stacy Allaster showed her support for the USTA’s decision to fine Williams $10,000 by saying, “Williams’ conduct last night was inappropriate and unprofessional, No matter what the circumstances, no player should be allowed to engage in such behavior without suffering consequences. I have spoken to the USTA about this matter and I agree with the action they have taken."

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