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  • is there help out there
    is there help out there

    On tha Ark who`s job was it to clean up all the poop and piss.

  • JWoods

    Noah was also the Lord of the Apes centuries before Tarzan.

  • snowbird

    Probably the women. We do most of it now - literally and figuratively.

    Anyway, since it such was a terrifying time for both man and beast, I'll bet no one complained about cleaning.

    Chapter 6 of The Book of Jasher:

    24 And the sons of men approached in order to break into the ark, to come in on account of the rain, for they could not bear the rain upon them.

    25 And the Lord sent all the beasts and animals that stood round the ark. And the beasts overpowered them and drove them from that place, and every man went his way and they again scattered themselves upon the face of the earth.

    26 And the rain was still descending upon the earth, and it descended forty days and forty nights, and the waters prevailed greatly upon the earth; and all flesh that was upon the earth or in the waters died, whether men, animals, beasts, creeping things or birds of the air, and there only remained Noah and those that were with him in the ark.

    27 And the waters prevailed and they greatly increased upon the earth, and they lifted up the ark and it was raised from the earth.

    28 And the ark floated upon the face of the waters, and it was tossed upon the waters so that all the living creatures within were turned about like pottage in a cauldron.

    29 And great anxiety seized all the living creatures that were in the ark, and the ark was like to be broken.

    30 And all the living creatures that were in the ark were terrified, and the lions roared, and the oxen lowed, and the wolves howled, and every living creature in the ark spoke and lamented in its own language, so that their voices reached to a great distance, and Noah and his sons cried and wept in their troubles; they were greatly afraid that they had reached the gates of death.

    31 And Noah prayed unto the Lord, and cried unto him on account his, and he said, O Lord help us, for we have no strength to bear this evil that has encompassed us, for the waves of the waters have surrounded us, mischievous torrents have terrified us, the snares of death have come before us; answer us, O Lord, answer us, light up thy countenance toward us and be gracious to us, redeem us and deliver us.

    32 And the Lord hearkened to the voice of Noah, and the Lord remembered him.

    33 And a wind passed over the earth, and the waters were still and the ark rested.

  • JWoods

    33 And a wind passed over the earth, and the waters were still and the ark rested.

    Note that in this version of the fable, wind makes the waters stand still. This was of course changed after the rainbow (or was that after Shakespear wrote "The Tempest"?)

  • snowbird

    JWoods, what on earth ???????


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