jw.org seems to have crashed

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  • NotBlind

    Today, Sept. 14th, is the big day when JW's are supposed to be able to download the new songbook music from the jw.org website.

    And their website seems to have crashed.

    Too much traffic/demand for the new tunes? Or was it hacked?

  • hotspur

    I bet WTWizard is disappointed

  • NotBlind

    Well, the site is back up. No new music though.

    Another failed prediction?

  • hotspur

    It'll be there within the generation!

  • Farkel

    The new songbook made a "spiritual" presence. It is invisible.


  • yknot

    It is back up and running.....

    What did you expect when 7 million-ish dubs are limited to only viewing a handful of sites under the oversight of the WTS.

    So here is my question..... Why the piano version, why not just can the 'production' versions for KH use? Seriously while I appreciate piano accompaniments, most dubs aren't vocally blessed and at least the 'production' versions (with or without vocals) are loud and instrumentally varied enough to hopefully drown out Sister WrongKey and Brother ToneDeaf.......

  • AGuest

    Wouldn't "downloading" a songbook require folks to have a computer/access the Internet? Wait, I get it: they are now permitted to use the Internet so long as it's only WTBTS-approved sites are accessed. Yeah, right. Sort of like directing her members to only get "a little bit pregnant." Sigh! Anyway...




    Downloading the new song book is not necessary..

    Kingdom Songs don`t have a Melody..

    No one ever mumbles the right word at the right time..

    So people just make shit up,until the music noise stops..

    Smiley Choir


  • Alwayshere

    Noise is right. love your smileys.

  • WTWizard

    I bet they were just experiencing technical difficulties because the witlesses uploading the s*** waited until the last minute (so they could do more field circus) to upload it. And, if there is a mistake somewhere in the files or they mess up the upload, the site is going to crash. Then, they have to try again--hence the period where the uploaded "music(??)" is not available. Alas, the second attempt to upload the Kingdumb s*** was successful.

    Now, I don't know why they would want people to just get the piano versions. I had the same problem getting the single-song, full orchestra versions of songs when I first joined--they were available as records (the piano, single songs), tapes (singles, piano), or as tapes with medleys of several segments of different songs segued in no particular order as orchestra. I just wanted what I heard at my first Grand Boasting Session--which was single-song, full orchestra versions. And I could not get it--nor did anyone know what I was talking about back in the littera-trash counter. Seems they are going through the same issue--which is totally inexcusable. What they don't know is that this time, it's only a matter of time before some apostate is going to upload the single-song, full-orchestra versions of all the s*** that anyone could want.

    This is a whopper of a mistake. They want people to give up worldly music altogether. However, if they do not give people what they want, the people can find the songs elsewhere. My suggestions are that anyone interested in real music go to Napster, Rhapsody, or iTunes (or any other place where you can find legal music downloads), or find a streaming Internet radio station that plays the music you like. True, iTunes is going to take you the better part of an hour to install and verify (for the 50 millionth time), and Rhapsody has a bad habit of bad launches, library issues, buffering, and refusals to launch at times. However, going through all the hoops to get Kingdumb s*** is even worse--if you have to prove yourself worthy before downloading the Kingdumb Maladies and spyware from the official site (the spyware so you can be monitored against going to apostate sites) or go to months and months of boasting sessions, it is not worth it.

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