Max Hatton's 1965 study on WTS reformatted - PDF

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  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    During the mid 1960s, we were regularly visited by Jehovah's Witnesses at the door. I needed to know how to manage the situation and I was very fortunate to be given two research Studies that exposed the JW’s errors on the neo-Babylonian chronology. One Study was written by Geoff Rogerson, from the small country town of Western Australia called Denmark, and the other was by Max Hatton, who had been a JW for 5 years but had been affected by Geoff's work.

    Their Studies showed the Watchtower Society’s intellectual dishonesty, and they created in me a commitment to help free JWs from WTS’s mental stranglehold. So I owe the greatest debt to Geoff’s and Max’s dedication to exposing the WTS.

    Their Studies, written in the mid-1960s, show that the organisation has long been aware of their errors, and that they have continually taken steps to hide them. As Max shows in his Study, Rutherford was forced to write a series of articles on the subject decades earlier, in 1922.

    The facilities provided by computer technology have made it possible for Max’s work to be restructured and to be made widely available.

    Max’s study is now available at: As well as being more legible, this release of his Study includes scans of the pages from the 1963 WTS books that Max refers to: “All Scripture is Inspired of God” and “Babylon the Great has Fallen!”. Some of Max’s correspondence with the WTS is also provided.

    Although Max is effectively blind, he still carries out many civic and religious duties, while Geoff died just a short time ago.


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    Doug Mason:

    Many thanks my friend for sharing!

    Cheers! Atlantis!

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    Thanks Doug (and Max, of course)! Yes, it is easier on the eye and I like the intro with his story.

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    Thanks, Doug! And, please pass on to Max our appreciation for being willing to share this with all of us.

    This shows quite clearly that the Watchtower Society has known for quite awhile that their chronology is flawed.

  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    I could not have been able to provide this without help from my good friends.

    When I passed on your messages to Max, he replied:

    May the good Lord use our efforts to help some poor souls out of darkness into His wonderful light. Those who will spend the considerable amount of time necessary to study the matter will surely be amazed at the stubborn denial of truth by the Watch Tower. Now we can only hope and pray. I will be doing so. May the results also draw us into a closer walk with Him.

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