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  • whereami

    I never heard it like this. Has anyine ever heard about this one?

    It's undeniable, they can't say they never "really said it".

  • jamiebowers
  • watson

    Enjoyed hearing Bro Franz (Fred) again. Brought back some great memories of those 8 day assemblies, yeah. Wish I could read and understand Spanish.

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    Isn't the inter-net great it can capture the filthy slave bugger right at their own bullshitting and lying words.

    They sold millions of copies of their books to the public and not one word of "Truth" in them.

    The WTS. goes to show that religious faith and beliefs can be exploited into money and power.

    Unfortunately many lives were ruined for listening to these subjective con men.

  • cabasilas

    I hate to say this...

    But, I get this sinking feeling there's been some editing of this video. I'm not defending the JWs on this subject at all....I was a JW during that era and I remember the hype. But, I don't remember such bald statements. I could be wrong and I'd welcome the chance to be wrong on this. I suspect the audio has been edited to make a stronger case.

  • Mattieu

    It sounds like Maxwell Smart talking into his shoe-phone..........

    I hope it is genuine as I would like nothing better than to play that to a few who deny the 1975 debacle that I know, though like Cabasilas, could have been edited..


  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    There is I'm sure literature that they produced back then prior to or @ 1975 which would confirm that speakers statements.

    Yes there was this kind of forwarding hype played out by who else the Marketing Executives of the WTS.,

    only to later on after 1975 deny we never said that. Power corrupts was the only truth that was really revealed.

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