Iraelites Massacre Midianites but save only the girl Vigins for themselves....sick!

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Numbers 25: 6-16 The Women of Moab commit immorality with the Israelite men.....only ONE Midianite woman made the same mistake with a Chieftain of Israel, so Jehovah orders then to destroy the WHOLE nation and take everthing they own. Chapter 31 explains how they took all the spoils and livestock and killed EVERYONE except children and fit women. "Meek" Moses is furious and tells them to kill all the women and young boys and only keep the Virgin girls for themselves!

    Imagine some of the Jewish soldiers dry reaching while following this command. Sick....and these people were Moses wife's tribe! He wiped them out. "Jehovah's holy people" my big fat ass they are! Just like any other invading nation.

  • Lillith26

    Wow, Witness007... your up late (9:52pm au), That account of the Midianites still makes me feel sick... it's strange to me how I never noticed this story the first 2 times I read the bible- It wasn't untill I read it as a Deist that it this story made way too much sense to me!!!

  • glenster
  • nykid

    Sure that's bad, but there's about 10-20 Bible stories that are much more brutal and horrific.

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