Loyalty to the WTS Org Leaders

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  • bobld

    Loyal--unwavering in devotion to the Org.

    Ex. It is only proper for a C.O.to follow the directives and orders of the Org.

    However,lately the C.O. directives wrt employment,have been cut down hours

    of work,cut out OT,wivies should not work etc. All this would be OK,if not for the

    resolution that he asked the Congreg to pass ie AACO(assist arrangement c.o.)

    Which included expenses for Dentist,Optometrist,Pharmacist,etc this is above

    and beyond for the expenses the Congreg pays for already.

    How can anyone give those type of directives when a survey was done in a

    National newspaper saying the following"Tough economic times could be a serious

    health hazard for.........., 40% overwhelmed or stressed financailly,25% have cancelled

    or delayed dental(not the C.O. his is paid for by congreg) appt to save money,14% delayed

    or stopped buying prescription medication,(not the C.O. his is paid for by).

    He also mentioned not the worry because the new system is just around the corner.

    That might be so but who wants to live like a wild animal only concern for the days meal.


  • Hopscotch

    Those in Bethel and the DOs and COs are so used to handouts, green handshakes and living off the pleb publishers they are so out of touch with the reality of living and trying to make ends meet today. They also tend to socialise with the wealthier ones in their circuit or district which again gives them a warped view of the average publishers lifestyle. They (including those at the top of the WTS) seem to think that the congregation publishers pockets are bottomless pits of dollars bills reserved for them. All justified by telling those publishers that when they do hand over their hard earned cash that is really not surplus at all, that they are seeking first the kingdom. Makes me fume!


  • DaCheech

    when I was accounts servant, the CO asked for reimbursement on expenses.

    we paid for

    meals, gas, tokens, dry cleaning, barber, office supplies......

    we also have to hand out money monthly for their CO fund (ins, car)

    we also pay monthly for the apartment, in which is in a KH, so we donate $$$ to that cong for his sake

    eliminating this guy would give a large boost to the publishers $$$ burden!!!

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    They need to get a real job.....I'm not paying....Jehover will provide for them!

  • WTWizard

    "Not to worry because the New Dark Ages is right around the corner."

    Now, this is precisely the mindset that results in many of the horrible deaths and stagnation of so many within the witlesses. We are paying the hounder-hounder to devalue our present life, so it's easier to kill babies, sacrifice people to their doctrines, and make them suffer from health issues and p*** poor education. All because the New Dark Ages is around the corner to set it straight.

    With that kind of "value", I am not paying even one penny toward their expenses. If they want my money, they are going to have to produce some value for me.

  • LongHairGal

    Hearing things like this makes me glad I no longer associate with the religion.

    I always despised the religion's stand against higher education and careers and people who heeded this unwise advice are now suffering. People in middle age and older are trying to eke out a living. The religion has NO accountability for anybody who was harmed pursuing poverty following the advice of the religion. Now that the bottom has fallen out of the economy, they have the audacity to target the remaining people who are barely hanging on to their jobs. People who can hardly pay their rent or mortgage and possibly have no health insurance and are trying to feed a family are certainly not going to put money in a contribution box! The 70s and 80s are over. The economy is shot and people are fed up. The days of prosperity and generosity with one's money are now over and I don't think they are coming back.

    Let these COs go out and get REAL jobs like everybody else.

  • wobble

    It has long been predicted on here that such a change will come, C.O's coming from the ranks of the employed.

    It may be introduced as a bit of "Noo Lite" that just as the Apostle Paul worked as a tent-maker so as not to burden his Bros, so should all C.O's work.

    Of course it will probably mean that only power hungry WT yes men end up as C.O's but it may be difficult to tell the difference.



  • yknot

    IF those CO demise rumors are true we should start seeing the culling to determine which COBOEs are 'qualified' for 'special CO-lite talks' privileges.

    We should start hearing of rumbling of larger combined districts (as we have seen for many this DC season) thus paving the way to make larger circuits (needing less COs and reason for CO-lite appointments).

    If...IF this should come about then I expect the married COs to be pasturized into SPs first.

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