Wife is attending a one day assembly next month....what is this?

by insearchoftruth 9 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • insearchoftruth

    She attended part of the district assembly, what is the one day event that is upcoming?

  • Quirky1

    It's a boasting session created to keep the RF in line..

  • Finally-Free

    Do you mean the "special assembly day"? There used to be 2 circuit assemblies each year, each one 2 days long, but some time back, I think in the 1990's, they changed it to one 2 day assembly a year and 1 'special assembly day' each year.

    I think they were running short on drivel to spew and felt the need to cut back.


  • insearchoftruth

    I think she said special assembly.....so there is one DC - 3 days, a CA - 2 days and a Special Assembly Day....wow.

  • fokyc

    Here is a link to the program for next years one day or 'Special Assembly Day'


    You are right and it gets boring after a while: 1 day Special Assembly, 2 day Circuit Assembly and 3 day District Convention! Maybe IF you are lucky, they might go back to an 8 day International Convention, you might even like to join in?

    Wow! is dead right, but it shouldn't last too long as we are in "the last days of the last days", although they have said this for the last 55 years to my knowledge.

    Either live with it, join it or leave.


  • Quirky1

    You had better offer to take her to the zoo that day..

  • blondie

    In my area, it was said that the one circuit assembly was reduced to 1 day to allow for more circuits to be scheduled in the assembly halls.

    Circuit assemblies used to be 3 days long, Friday evening, Saturday, Sunday. It was too hard for working people to get there on Friday evening. The start of the skip Friday syndrome.

    Supposedly the SAD is special because the circuit pays for a Bethel rep and his wife to come out, and he gives the talk.

  • yknot

    With finances hurting I am surprised they haven't instituted another SPAD......this way everyone has some donation demanding assembly each quarter.

  • willyloman

    A decade or so ago, both circuit assemblies were two days and the district convention was four. And if you complained, the old-timers would remind you that, a decade or so earlier, the summer conventions were up to eight days long and included evening sessions and mandatory field service mornings as well.

  • WTWizard

    They changed the two Great Boasting Sessions into one Big Boasting Session and one Great Boasting Session in 1988. That is when they reduced it. The last 4-day Grand Boasting Session I remember was in 1993.

    The Big Boasting Session is not worth going to. The theme is "The Time Left is Reduced", and gives talks about how urgent it is to sell out today and go out in field circus before it's too late (like it was 135 years ago). True, after wasting a day of your life listening to that garbage, your time will be reduced.

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