Will the "Vetting and Barring Scheme (UK) affect J W's?

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    The local media are hyping this Government scheme. It will require all employees and volunteers, having regular access to children and vulnerable adults, to be vetted and registered as having no record of abusing, or other reason why they should not be around children.

    It does not cover personal arrangements between parents but if, say, a scout group ask a person to help out or transport kids to and from meetings, they must register or face a fine.

    Now when I was a dub, I was an appointed man, but ALL dubs may be asked to take somebodies child in service. I did it all the time. When doing so they are acting for the congregation. The Identity Card which they all carry states that

    "XXXXXX is engaged in preaching the Gospel of Jehovah's Kingdom from house to house in co-operation with the following congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses..............................[space to complete].............."

    I am no expert, and I only know what is reported, but would this not constitute a volunteer activity with regular access to children requiring vetting, since acting as a representative of the congregation?

    BTW - a person would be barred if , according to the BBC

    "Anyone who engages in conduct that endangers a child or vulnerable adult, or is likely to, by causing physical, sexual, emotional or financial harm.

    This includes having sexual material relating to children or depicting sexual violence against people, or conduct of a sexual nature involving a child or vulnerable adult if the ISA thinks it is inappropriate. "

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    Thanks for sharing this information. It sounds like the jws will need to get a religious exemption to these rules.

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