Mom won't be in Paradise Earth

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  • carla

    Some of child's friends now know that dad is a jw and a few have some stories about jw's for child. One friend related a story about some neighbors who were jw's, the mom had an affair and the couple were divorcing. The kid comes over to and announces that mom commited adultery, they are divorcing and now she won't get to be on paradise earth and leaves. I feel for the kid but he just made one hell of weird show for jw-ism. The families were not close and the kids did not really know each other. I suppose the poor kid just had to tell someone.

    Poor kid, first the parents divorce and now mom gets poofed out of existence too! how could it be 'paradise' without your mom there for all eternity?

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    It is sad how such private and painful situations are made so public and at once reduced to simple accusatory gibberish. This child has no idea what he is talking about I bet and he is also dehumanizing the mother and relegating her to the pile of human cockroaches that jehovah will exterminate when time comes to clean house for those who work their way into the paradise.

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