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  • Gutterpunk


    I left the JW 15 years ago, just before my 19th (non-)anniversary. My brother was the first, but eventually the rest of the familly followed suit.

    Turns out that a failed "post JW" relationship convinced my mother to go back. I don't mind really, I don't hold any grudge against the JW and so far she doesn't seem to want to respect my shunning (if I am indeed shunned... I became inactive, and never heard of the JW again... I must be, but it's beside the point right now)

    When I was still in there, the end of time was coming FAST. The last few "witnesses" of WWI were about to die, Russia was still the King to the North, etc.

    So whats up with this? I won't ask my mom, as she is vague on the subject and hides behind "new revelations" made to the head honchos. When will it come these days, and what do they look for? How do they explain the Nortern King now?

    I gathered from that Obama might be the one who declare the end of religions, so that takes care of that, but what about the rest?

    And no, I wont open a Watchtower to know :) I tried, oh fsm did I try!

    Also... I tried to find the answer by digging around here but I didn't anything. What I found is this : I am from Quebec (Canada), and apparently being a JW isn't the same as what American ex-JW seem to describe.

    It seem that I have experienced a much softer approach to things like shunning (or example). Everything boiled down to a "Question of Conscience" and many JW were openly interactign with ex-JW. That might be why my mom doesn't have a problem with it (even though I'd be the one shunning HER if she ever talks about religion with my kids, and she knows that I have no qualm doing it)

  • Narkissos

    Welcome gutterpunk!

    I left before you did but afaik the position of the "King of North" is still vacant: you can apply if you feel like it...

  • Gutterpunk

    I'll do it!

    I just need to start a war with the King of the South! (even though I don't know who it is anymore... the States probably?)

  • shamus100

    No more bookstudy, 1914 being downgraded (morphing beginning, remember 1975??), and a lot of other nonsense.

    Oh yeah, Jacaraz had a stroke.

    That's it. Thanks for stopping in.

    Cawliss este tabernac!

  • Farkel

    :How do they explain the Nortern King now?

    The latest "new light" is that the King of the North is Santa Claus, who returned invisibly to the North Pole after the "abomination that causes desolation" (masturbation) epidemic of 1926 which is 7 years (a spiritually (but invisible) complete number) after the FDS GB was chosen to watch over the flock of the invisibly returned Jesus Christ.


  • Gutterpunk

    With that JWoods dude just spewing everthing that crosses his mind as fact, and everyone one else trying to be funny, this is quite the forum...

    Thanks! I'll just ask my mom. I might post her answers back, even though no one gives a shit around here apparently.

    and wtf is a Jacaraz anyway...

    PS : Calice d'ostie de tabarnack

  • shamus100

    Why you're welcome!

    Take care, and may jehover bless you on your travels.


  • bluecanary

    Jaracz is one of the older memebers of the GB (governing body). Some folks are wondering if any policies will change when he finally kicks it.

    Sorry, not prepared to answer your questions. Just wanted to welcome you to the forum.

  • blondie

    No joking or spewing, the position of the King of the North is currently vacant per the WTS.


    w93 11/1 p. 21 pars. 11-14 The Final Victory of Michael, the Great Prince


    These events are yet future, so we cannot say in detail how the prophecy will be fulfilled. Recently, the political situation regarding the two kings has changed. The bitter rivalry between the United States and Eastern European countries has cooled. Further, the Soviet Union was disbanded in 1991 and no longer exists.—See the March 1, 1992, issue of TheWatchtower, pages 4, 5

    So who is the king of the north now? Is he to be identified with one of the countries that were part of the old Soviet Union? Or is he changing identity completely, as he has a number of times before? We cannot say. Who will be the king of the north when Daniel 11:44, 45 is fulfilled? Will the rivalry between the two kings flare up again? And what of the huge nuclear stockpiles that still exist in a number of lands? Only time will provide the answers to these questions. One thing we do know. Soon, the king of the north will conduct an offensive campaign that will be triggered by "reports that will disturb him, out of the sunrising and out of the north." This campaign will immediately precede his "end." We can learn more about these "reports" if we consider other Bible prophecies.

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