Recent Daily Text & Service Meeting discussion

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  • feenx

    Happy Hump Day Everyone!

    I was wondering if anyone had a humorous or out there daily text and discussion they could share from a relatively recent morning service meeting? I am writing a short screenplay and would love to include a good story in this scene, where a young boy, 11ish, is sitting with his parents listening to everyone get prepared for field service.

  • darkl1ght3r

    Ha! I was reading the text for field service once and it said something like, "...we are not simply brute beasts..." but when I read it I said "brute breasts". And I knew that didn't sound right, so I went back and re-read it, again, out loud. And it wasn't just a slip of the tongue, my brain was actually seeing and reading "brute breasts". Even with everyone in the audience snickering at me I didn't catch what I had done untill after I was finished reading. Fun!

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