Don't jw's bash Secular authorities?

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  • homeschool

    In need of some help here. For a lot of ways, the jw's firmly believe what the secular/worldly authorities & scientists have to say. (i.e.-how long the world has been here, etc). But don't they also make fun of them? Don't they call them liars as well? I'm drawing a blank on examples, can ya help me out? Are there articles in which the WTS bashes 'worldly' literature writers?

  • JWoods

    Historically, a probably forgotten example would be:

    In the 1960s, the so-called "green revolution" was the subject of numerous hate and ridicule articles in the Awake. This program was an attempt to modernize third world food production to reduce possible famines. It is now considered to be a successful effort in reducing world hunger. BTW, the far left of that time also hated it because they felt that it would make the task of turning many third world countries to communism more difficult if they were well fed and happy...less reason to revolt. Look it up sometime on Wiki.

    Of course, the witness (sick) agenda there was that they wanted famines and pestilence in order to fit in with their end-of-world view.

    IIRC, the space program was also taken on by several convention speakers as mere vanity - on the accord of the tower of Babel, so to speak.

  • villabolo

    I beg to differ with you JWoods on one issue. Not that I am defending the JWs who always have something negative to say about anything that doesn't benefit their organization.

    The green revolution, no matter what its intentions, is doomed to failure and may create worse famines than before by having helped to increase the Earths population. The reason is that it relies on artificial fertilizer and lots of it to maintain the growth of freakish plants which also guzzle up a lot of water. That fertilizer is made out of natural gas which is destined to start declining in a few decades and water tables throughout India and many parts of the world are falling.

    What those nations, and ours as well, need are Permaculture techniques and someway to stabilize the population. Otherwise all the science in the world isn't going to save us as we overstep the limits of a finite planet.


  • villabolo

    Homeschool; Although I don't have any citations I know that the JWs bash all literature but their own. They make it clear that you should only be reading their literature and not wasting your time on any other.


  • Perry

    One example that comes to mind is how the Wt taught that all the governments were run by Satan, but out of the other corner of their mouth they boasted how obedient they were to those Satanic governments.

    Of course the bible teaches that governments are God's minister to bear the sword.... to administer some justice, keep order, and as a defense. While people who sometimes run those governments are controlled by Satan, the institution of government is ordained by God until Christ the King comes back.

    This is why there is not one word in the bible about an active military person named Cornelius stepping down from his post to accept Jesus as his Savior from prosecution on Judgment Day. Yet, this is a primary feature of JW boasting....namely non-military involvement.

  • JWoods

    I was not necessarily promoting the green revolution as a total success, but used it as an example of how the WT can take on certain secular issues or authorities as per the title of the thread. The statements of support came from a Wiki article - and these are not always the model of correct information.

    Of course, the alternative to growing as much food as possible in the face of famine is to simply let people starve - which would I guess reduce the problem eventually. This will not be considered morally allowable by the majority of people - especially the starvees.

    Back on topic - another obvious example would be the old "Evolution" pocket book. This shamelessly trashed biological science, archeology, carbon dating, and just about every known scientific discipline - all in the name of supporting a 49,000 year old earth that was totally and suddenly shaped by a global flood.

    While we are at it, I would suppose on the other hand that the JWs totally LOVE the idea of global warming - because this is yet another disaster to supply them with trepidation and fear.

  • Gutterpunk

    JWoods : What are you talking about?

    The "Evolution" pocket book is probably one of the best Creationist reference book IMHO (not that the bar is very high). It makes a far better job at explaining Creation and the "problems" with evolution than ID does.

    Not that I believe in anything that book says, but saying that the Evolution book is "bashing" secular authorities is as stupid as saying that Darwin was bashing God.

    And global warming? Homeschool was looking for example, not theories...

    Also, citing old Awake (like with the Green Revolution) won't impress any JW in an argument. Most of them are fully aware that their old litterature is dumb (they will just tell you how they had new revelations since them)

    I *never* heard a JW bash or laugh at secular authorities. I'm sure that some do, but not more than Atheists.

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