Read the bible daily

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  • Saltheart Foamfollower
    Saltheart Foamfollower

    I've just had a circuit visit which surprised me because there was no mention of money or any of the other subjects which seem to have cropped up for others recently. He did say that we need to read the bible daily so I have decided to do just that. However, having heard about it on the jwpodcast, I'm reading the skeptic's annotated bible daily which I think will benefit me more than reading the NWT. As the bible app contains various alternative translations, I don't think I could even get into trouble if anyone finds out!


  • stuckinarut2
    Some COs do seem to be peddling a softer message during their visits...but keep reminding yourself...they are still representing an organization that is arrogant and dangerous...and deluded!

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