THE WITCHTOWER 09/2009: The "Shulammite remnant" exposed

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  • processor

    The September 2009 issue of The Witchtower is available for download now.


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  • bohm

    hahaha! i especially liked the part about the bacteria! love how it capture the quote-out-of-context feel of the real watchtower :-) .

    "You can live forever with parasites on earth!"

  • Satanus

    The shulamite girl thing always puzzled me, as a jw. If she rejected him, why did he write such high praises of her? The one girl that he couldn't buy, so he wanted and respected her all the nore for it? Very clever articles, btw.


  • Farkel

    :Bacteria and Parasites Glorify Jehovah

    There goes the Watchtower Society bragging and patting themselves on the back again.


  • jeanniebeanz

    There goes the Watchtower Society bragging and patting themselves on the back again.

    *snarkle! Pffftt!* *laughs Mountain Dew out her nose*

    Satanus, If memory serves the Borg always made a big deal of this because the girl was quasi/engaged to another when the king came and promised her all kinds of stuff in order to share his bed. Loyalty was the big issue... of course, I'm old and haven't the memory I used to have so may be wrong. In addition, the belief may have developed into more of a socio-economic resistance to big government thing for them now... who knows. They change beliefs faster than many people change underware these days... especialy if a belief is going to hit them in the wallet somehow.


  • Farkel

    :THE WITCHTOWER 09/2009: The "Shulammite remnant" exposed

    I thought they were the "good guys!" There used to be a song called by that name. Maybe there still is.

    Remember this? (have barf bag handy):

    The Schulammite Remnant

    "Dear Shulammite maiden, so lovely and fair,

    Your spiritual virtues are many and rare.

    Your speaking is pleasant, your charms a delight,

    Your fellowship holds me, beloved Shulammite."

    Thus speaks her Fine Shepherd, Christ Jesus her Lord,

    He wants her to share his eternal reward.

    And how does the fair one, so firm as a wall,

    Reply to her Lord, as a model for all?

    'Exclusive devotion is not up for hire,

    Since blazings of love are like blazings of fire.

    Unyielding as Sheol all true love will be,

    Like flame of Jehovah is your love for me.'

    Fair Shulammite remnant, temptations resist.

    Stay clean for your Bridegroom; on virtue insist.

    Your virgin companions that walk in your train

    Rejoice at your course and the prize you will gain.


  • Borgia

    Gute Unterhaltung, Processor. Well done, indeed.



  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    Awesome. Loved it.

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