What is this "mytime" about?

by Doug Mason 2 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    I know nothing about the technology, so what can you tell me about this:


  • carla

    I know nothing Doug, just think it's creepy! now these weirdo's have peoples addresses complete with maps on their phones?!

  • besty

    bumping this again as I just found it :-)

    Anybody know anybody in Hunstville West AL Cong?


    Can you get the Watchtower Library to work on the iPhone? Possibly, but please do not email me about this, I have already received > 100 emails asking me to do this. I have talked to a brother in the Legal department about the possibility of even doing this and I am in the process of formalizing things so that I would not be doing anything illegal. The Watchtower 2007 CD has some wording in the EULA which points to the fact that the society is disallowing the use of the publications outside of the watchtower library program (this would include any iPhone program). If I ever work on a program like this, I will put information on this site.

    If you cant get the Watchtower Library on there, now about one or two publications, or even the daily text?!? The problem with putting the WT Library on the iphone is not complication but legality, it is ILLEGAL to use the WT library's data for use outside of the WT library program (citations and snippets are allowed when they are referenced in talks and whatever). Read the EULA that you agree to when you install the WT Library, they spell it out in gory detail. Certain applications were granted the ability to use the WT library's data in in those cases they are not doing anything illegal. I am going to be in contact with someone from the legal department to see about this. For now, I will NEVER make an application which breaks the law, and that would be anything that would display the society's material without their consent.

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