What's the latest and not so greatest?

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  • feenx

    Happy almost labor day weekend everyone! I know it's only Thursday afternoon, but my office is shutting down at noon tomorrow so I feel like I'm in the home stretch :)

    ANYWAYS I had an earlier post on here for a specific reason, but I've been browsing posts and remarks and now I'm completely curious what the latest ridiculousness is with ye 'ol Organization? New light? Re-instatement of old light? I'm curious what the lastest DF'd numbers are, AND what the Re-instatement numbers are.

    Anyone out there still inside? What's the morale like? I can just imagine what some of the talk, opinions and attitudes have been like with recent national and world events.

    I eagerly await the stories of holier than thou debauchery :) mua-haha ;)

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