WTBTS Forces its Memebers to Do What it Wants

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  • zarco
  • zarco

    I originally posted what is written below on Jeff's discussion on shunning. This topic is a bit broader, so I started a new thread. It seems to me that the organization is completely designed to force behaviors that they want by introducing negative consequences if you do not do them.

    1. Field service is an activity that no one wants to do – at least the door to door part – but they have a time counting process to enforce the behavior.

    2. Few want to attend all the endless meetings – but if you don’t you are viewed as weak and some in the congregation stop socializing because the WTBS encourages association with only spiritual people.

    3. If you question the “slave” – you are labeled an apostate and the organization mandates a judicial committee, which is a pretty severe consequence to what many times, are sincere questions.

    4. Few want to spend their resources sitting for 3 days at a convention listening to someone read from a manuscript – again the consequences of not going are informal shunning.

    5. Many would like to leave and go their own way, but the prospect of being officially shunned makes them stay.

    If the negative consequences were to be removed and if members could practice free will the Witnesses would be far different and only the hard core believers would stay or at least do the "witness things" like door to door preaching, attending all the meetings, wasting three days at a conventions ..........

    Interestingly, if what the Bible says about the Christ is true. He used positive reinforcement to attract people. He refreshed, healed, fed and taught. He didn’t seem to have any problem with meeting attendance – he met and exceeded the needs of those he served. I think any religion must pass the “Christ test” to be sustainable long term.

    The Witness religion is a new religion that will not be around long term in any meaningful way unless they begin to provide positive things to people who do the things they want done.


  • WTWizard

    Why else do you see people coming in 15 to 20 minutes late for field circus, coffee in hand and moaning "I don't want to be out this morning, but I have to get in 18 hours of time in three days!" And, I have seen people going out, after having had the flu, and try to make up the time (and getting their flu, or something as bad, right back). Needed home repairs have been put on hold, indefinitely, so the owners can be out in field circus (and because they don't have the money--even repairs that are minor, like tightening a few screws, get put off until they become costly problems).

    Also, no one is allowed to question the rules. Were they to make Christmas a "We don't participate in it, but we also make no big deal if we are swept into it during the course of our lives" issue, it would not be that much of a hardship. They would be able to go around where Christmas music is playing, even enjoying some of it, without having to worry about it. They would be able to enjoy the decorations, without worrying about it. It would be enough if they didn't participate on their own (if they do it as part of their jobs, it would be viewed as the company using you to celebrate, not your celebrating it). Were they to make military service (and particularly alternative service) a conscience matter with no "spiritual weakness" stigma attached, it would allow them to get valuable training, avoid financial trouble, and help get a decent job while doing the other things they are supposed to. If the "bad music" issue was just that they could not play "bad" songs where others would hear them, those hunts for "bad" albums would disappear along with the stress of hearing "bad" songs at the stores and down the street. But no, they have to insist on perfect compliance--and creating the problems.

    Which also restricts what the witlesses are able to do. No Christmas--means not being able to help decorate a store for one's employer. No "bad songs" means having to go elsewhere when bad songs are played. One is also given trouble when one is supposed to sell cancer sticks or lottery tickets as part of one's job--while it may now be a conscience matter, the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger is really trying to get them to quit those jobs so they can pio-sneer, using this guilt to make them feel bad every time they sell a lottery ticket (or cash one in) or a pack of cancer sticks.

    Additionally, how often do you hear of people going to boasting sessions and out in field circus when they are sick, or just plain too tired to go out? I have seen that often--and I have seen people pull no-shows at work to go out in field circus or to a Grand Boasting Session.

  • Lillith26

    Hmmmn.... negative reinforcement or positive???? both can be used to train dogs and both have the same result- a trained poochie! sit, rollover, playdead, fetch, read the WT, beg to not be DF'd............... either way it's time to stop looking for a master- we are humanbeings not humandothises or humandothats- i at all- why give away our most valuble gift?- free will!!!!!!!!!

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