She just turned her back and walked away

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  • WuzLovesDubs

    A Jehovahs Witness came to my door today. She wouldnt breathe long enough for me to say who I was in her presentation. Finally I just interjected "You're a Jehovahs witness right?" She said yes. I said "well I used to be one a long time ago."

    And the light switch went on. The smile left her face and she said "You were disfellowshipped then?" I said no...I left voluntarily many years ago. And she put her Bible back into her bag and said "Well then we cant talk to each other!" And she turned on her heels and walked away.

    What a loving organization. Makes me just want to RUN back to the Kingdom Hall so I can be just like them again. It's a wonder with their noses so far up in the air, they arent catching small aircraft or birds.


  • AllTimeJeff
    AllTimeJeff least that saves you the trouble of a return visit.

    Wow, what an example of the indoctrination that takes place with people.....

  • VIII

    This is why many of us are here, on this board and others like it. To expose the nutty practices of these people. (that comment was for those who question *why* we are here)

    When some JWs came to my door a few months ago and I told them I, too, had been one, they almost fell over themselves when they turned to run. I didn't think my horns had sprouted so quickly.

    Idiots. Honestly, this type of blind loyalty to a religion is what makes me believe them totally stupid. I know it's a cult, however, it is just so insane.

    When I see my Mom and she suddenly gets a blank stare, like a zombie has taken over, it just reinforces my fears. She is a zombie. To the WTS.

  • undercover

    I had the opposite happen just a couple of weeks ago.

    A JW came by on a Saturday morning. I was surprised 'cause I still live in the same house I lived back when I was active. All the dubs I knew then know I still live there, we've even got a couple of dub families on our street.

    I didn't recognize this sister. She either moved in or the redrawing of congregation lines brought her in.

    Anyway, she started in on wanting to share a thought from the Bible...without introducing herself as a Witness. She had her NWT in her hand so I knew she was a dub.

    I let her finish her introduction and comment on wanting to share a thought from the Bible and I told her that I was an inactive Witness and was familiar with the drill. To her credit she kept her composure and her smile and asked what congregation I was in but I couldn't remember because they've changed the lines and renamed several of them. I told her that I didn't have a clue and didn't keep up with it.

    She then said that she looked forward to seeing me at the Hall again and told me what time the Sunday meeting was. I just said thanks, have a nice day, thus closing the discussion.

    I could tell she was unsure what to do when I told her point blank without shame that I was an inactive JW. It seemed to knock her off balance mentally but to her credit she remained pleasant and cordial. I did not get any negative vibes from her at all. I felt kinda sorry for her, wishing I could somehow give her something to think about but I knew that would be counter-productive so I didn't pursue it. She was cute too...

  • lisavegas420

    Damnit, they won't come to my house anymore...even when I request a study from their website.


  • dissed

    A new couple had recently moved into the territory this last year and you could tell they were assigned to see if they could reach us. Coming by about once a month and showing enthusiasm.

    We play "Hot Potatoe" everytime they visit. "You take it. No you take it. NO, YOU TAKE IT!"

    My wife, respecting my God appointed headship finally, sarcastically said, "Okay, I will take it!"

    Trying to listen to the discussion and noticing it was shorter than usual, I asked what she said?

    The Witness lady was trying to encourage her to come to the meetings reasoning that the end could come anyday. (implying a certain Armaggedic death for our family if we are not attending)

    "Don't you believe we are near to the End?!"

    My wife said she had enough and rolled her eyes and said "No, I don't believe we are in the last days. That is wrong reasoning."

    The Witness lady paused, and just stared at her then said in a smug voice, "Well, ....okay, .....if that's how you feel"

    Said good-bye and left. Hasn't been back since. I wonder why not?

    I chastised my wife, "Now you done it! The Elders will be coming by to administer the 'Loyalty Oath Test' with the famous question."

    "Do you love the GB with your whole soul, heart, and vital force?" to make our Dissed relationship with the Org. even more official.

    I will let you know when they come, for they will surely come. My guess they want to combine the visit to see our new Xmas decorations.

    We plan to open a bottle of Moet to celebrate the official passing.

  • Finally-Free

    I won't even try to be polite to them. Politeness only gives them the opportunity to be disrespectful in return. I put up with that for 20 years while I was in "good standing". No more.


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