New International Version updated translation - gender issues...

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  • JWoods
  • JWoods
  • PSacramento

    Jeez JW, tell us how you really feel !!

    LOL @ the blank posts !!

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    They should just give Jehovah a Vagina and be done with it!

  • JWoods

    Sorry, People - I tried to copy in the words from a previous thread that ended up untitled - and it ended up blanks.

    I was just asking about the contraversy over this new International Version translation - it is raising a lot of outrage with some fundies I know as it seems to be rigged for gender political correctness.

    Just wondered if we had already done a thread on this and what the general opinion was...another board I go to has run 4 pages in the Politics and Religion section over this and impressions are all over the board.

    BTW, I used the opportunity to mention quite a few JW mistranslations in the New World Translation, such as plugging the name JHVH with no intellectual reason, and the "teaching you from house to house".

    Can I include the time I have wasted here trying to get a thread properly edited along with my time at the other board on my "service report"?

  • PSacramento

    I have the NRSV and it has the gender changes of Brothers changed into brothers and sisters, of course whenever that happens it makes clear that in the original Greek the word used was Brothers.

  • GoddessRachel

    Though I admittedly know little about the actual changes in the updated NIV, my initial response is I don't think adding the word "sisters" is going to change the fact that the Bible is a very misogynistic book. Look at any fundamentalist group that applies the Bible literally for strong evidence in that regard.


  • Gordy

    I never found the Bible to be a misogynist, even when I was a JW.
    I always believed that because it was interpreted by a Governing Body of men so there was always a bias.

    I now attend a Pentecostal church, which uses woman in a great way, as teachers in house groups, plus we have two female Pastors.

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