New Watchtower DVD on youtube

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  • alanv

    Apparantly at this years conventions a new DVD was released. This has been uploaded onto youtube. It paints the normal utopia that any one of us would love. However as per normal with Watchtower you never hear about the bad, cruel things of ''creation'' Well worth watching and leaving appropriate comments.

  • jonathanconway

    Got it off my family and had a flick through.

    The old goof at the beginning looks like such a dork! Either that or on drugs. I guess that's what it looks like when you're standing outside the hypnosis.

    The rest of the film is as expected...

    • Montage after montage of stock footage showing nature with selected bible verses super-imposed.
    • Doesn't even begin to approach a rational discussion of whether evolution could be scientific alternative to creationism
    • The dream-like "paradise" sequences (they even used a very subtle "halo" effect) are the most revealing. I was watching this and was thinking... funny how watchtower have put their finger on some very common, subliminal yearnings that many people really do have.

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