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  • highdose

    as i tuck into some very nice birthday cake today i'm reminded at my many attempts at entertaining JW's over the years

    Eventualy i stopped because whenever i invited someone i got told " i don't eat..." wheat, dairy, sugar, etc. It made catering almost impossible and that was the rare poliet ones. most of them would wait till i set the carefully prepared meal down before them, before annocing " i don't eat" red meat, meat, fish, white meat, spices, non organic etc

    i'm happy to report that i once told a sister at that point that there was a takeaway just down the road and that she could go there a get whatever she wanted. She did too!

    so was this just my own barmy congo? or is it widespread? the exhuse was always that they were allgeric to whatever food, i happen to know that they all went to the same quack who told them whatever they wanted to hear.

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    Not me...I eat red meat,meat,fish...and i love!!! veg....yum.....

    We are having lamb tonight :) Want to join us??

  • GoddessRachel

    This kind of stuff happened in my congregation too. I think it's all a ploy to get attention. Jehovah's Witnesses are so suppressed and thus so unhappy that they have to resort to such crap just for attention in hopes of bringing some happiness to their lives. It obviously doesn't work, as many Jehovah's Witnesses are really unhappy people.

    Many of the elders and pioneers in my congregation growing up went to an herbal doctor and talked about him like he was their God. It was something my family used to make fun of around our dinner table because we thought it seemed to be idolatry of some sort. It also seemed to be lost on these elders and pioneers that they were practically worshipping this guy.


  • Finally-Free

    There are some things I can't eat and some things I shouldn't. I don't make an issue of it when I go out. None of my restrictions are things that could cause me to drop dead in my tracks, so I figure it's ok to cheat a little.

    Many of the elders and pioneers in my congregation growing up went to an herbal doctor and talked about him like he was their God.

    My old hall was like that. A few of us would ridicule them and make derogatory comments about "the great god on St. Clair ave." My mom used to go to this guy, and he had her on mega doses of vitamin c. She convinced me to try one of these vitamin c pills. Bad move. My ass burned for 3 days after that bout with the runs.


  • palmtree67

    Well, I went vegetarian about 5 years ago. Not because I feel sorry for furry little animals, though. I was having alot of stomach problems and tried going veggie to alleviate that problem. It worked very well, plus I wasn't as tired. I eat fish and seafood, they don't seem to bother me. I am full after a meal, but not that heavy, tired, need-a-nap-now feeling of being full.

    In my defense, when I'm invited out, I do eat whatever is presented to me. Even if it's meat.

  • eyeslice

    I used to eat everything and anything that was put before me! I

    I stopped eating meating and fish a few years back, however, because no one else in my family was eating meat. I don't ever make a fuss about it though, if I go out to diner at friends and they are having a roast, I simply just eat the veggies, I never expect them to cook anything different for me.

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    Where I live, there was this was this lady who claimed to be of the anointed that was a natural doctor type person. Not sure whether she had any real qualifications.

    I was talked into going to see her and she did all sorts of weird things like checking your electrical field against certain elements. Really hard to explain.

    The end result was always a large bill and a bag full of supplements, one potion she always made herself just for you. They treated her like she was dispensing healthcare straight from God. Dietary restrictions were always given too.

    I always had more problems with the co's and their wives. They almost always had really difficult and expensive requests. I think now, it was only one meal a day. Why couldn't they just eat something they were provided and leave the rest, rather than make a fuss.

    I have a friend that is so allergic that she has to watch everything. I feel sorry for her, as it isn't an option because her throat swells shut and she can't breathe.

    So, I guess it goes both ways. It is kind to inform someone before you accept an invitation to dine at their house.

  • Gregor

    Ask the CO beforehand if he has any diet restrictions. I he tells you he is deathly allergic to, say, peanuts or shellfish you have the perfect opportunity to see if he is BSing you. Put a dab of peanut butter in his macaroni or some mashed up shrimp in his tomato soup. If he starts gasping for air you know he was telling the truth.

  • Out at Last!
    Out at Last!

    In my experience the CO's and DO's were the worst. Can't eat this, wife doesn't like that, can't stay in a house with a cat, dog, bird, dust, even allergect to new carpet. They used to stay in my home every 2nd or third visit, but after dealing with them over a period of years, I got to the point that they could stay in a hotel, that way when they handed over their list of complaints, at least they had a manager they could complain to. And he (manager) would have to at least act like he cared.

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