the wts email-address

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  • Adrianoblue

    hi there,

    when i was a jw, i knew a brother who later on, became a great rank and file guy at the german bethel.

    to make a long story short: he was a type of person, who i`d consider to be a die hard jw, who you couldn`t imagine leaving the jws.

    so, i was obviously shocked to hear one day, that he not only left the wts, but also became an active member of the katholic church.

    now this is one of the weirdest things i have ever expirienced as a jw at thet time.

    so, right now i`m trying to find out where he lives and what he`s up to theese days. i would like to interview him, to find out the details which led to his decision.

    his wife though, is still working at bethel. so i thought of trying to contact her under a false name, so i can get hold of his number. i went on the societies website, but discovered no email-address.

    so the wts has no official email-address?

    has anyone maybe have a clue how to get in touch with bethel without exposing myself?



  • nelly136

    you could try...facebook twitter or friendsreunited

  • Adrianoblue

    hi nell,

    thank you. didn`t think of that.


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