How can a teacher be dishonest to a study and have any credibility?

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  • kurtbethel

    One of the most irritating things is when someone knocks on your door and says they have the truth and then tells you lie after lie.

    This one is a whopper, even by JW standards. Two men and a woman are doing the study, and the conductor claims the new memorial partakers are newly baptized and do not know what they are doing. He gets asked if they take down the details of how long the partaker has been a JW and he admits they don't. Then he is asked if that data is not recorded then how can he know it is true. He tries to stutter out an answer and spews nonsense. This is followed by the "imperfect human" gambit and a subject change.

    This is not exceptional, but very typical of what goes on during a study. Anyone who thinks this religion has anything to do with any "truth" really needs to explain this nonsense.

    Spoken names are edited out of the clip to protect the parties, but otherwise this is raw audio.

  • LouBelle

    I have heard the audio and am appalled that these people call themselves ministers of the one true god. I do understand humans are imperfect and are not in the same league as Jesus - however, when you claim to be the organisation that HAS IT - and yet you can't even answer such an easy question as this or make up reasons along the way and literally a circle of nonsense around yourself....come on

  • fokyc

    I used to think this would be impossible, if they realy believe what they preach how can they lie so easily?

    But I know it happens, I have listened to elders lie for the last 5 years. Each time I see them they have to tell more lies to cover up the original ones.

    The worst thing is that even when the CO and the branch office know they are lying, they do nothing about it.

    The whole outfit is one big lie, so what the hell is a few more lies.


  • wobble

    To my eternal shame I lied to a lovely couple that I studied with,back in the eighties. they began questioning the 1975 debacle, and I down-played it, pointing out Freddie Franz' weasle words in the "Freedom of the sons of God " book, and saying that was all I could recall on the subject ever being in print.

    They eventually became JW's, still are, he serves as an Elder, his daughter is a Reg. Pio.

    If I had been truthful they would not now be trapped in a cult.

    May God forgive me.

    I plead Cognitive dissonance, but not as an excuse, just an explanation. they all have it, the Dubs.



  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    They lie the first time they call on people, when they say they aren't there to recruit new members. That is exactly the reason they go out in the ministry, at least if the goal is to be effective.

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