I think I burst a bubble for my mom...

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  • ClubKing

    I was on the phone talking about how my 12 year-old has become interested in the theory of relativity since I commented some things about it to him...My mom, ever the JW, and for some reason thinking she can still convince me to go back to the Borg, quickly states, "You know, Einstein did believe in God".

    "Yes, he did, but only because of the order shown in the Universe," I replied. "He believed not in the God of the Bible, but rather in an impersonal God that doesn't meddle with humanity's issues, sort of Spinoza's god".

    Long silence. "Oh, I see," she mumbles. Then I proceeded to explain a couple more of Einstein's views about God.

    I think I just broke one of those JW myths for her!

  • lilyflor

    clubking you need to "stop worshiping the creation, and start worshiping the creator" lol

  • Psychotic Parrot
    Psychotic Parrot

    So your mum thinks Einstein believed in God but knows he wasn't a witness. So she was basically saying 'yunno Einstein was part of babylon the great yunno'


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