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  • whereami

    Just by googling this shows how much this duche bag played with the story.

    Just insert any "bad" music and it will work. These people are really brain dead

    Beginning of email:

    Very THOUGHT provoking……….


    An Overseer was visiting recently and had this interesting experience to relate. He said; "I've heard a number of the friends say about rap music: Oh, I don't listen to those nasty words.

    I just like the beat.. In fact, I don't even KNOW any of the words."He then asked the audience: "Are YOU one of those people? If so, let me tell you about an experience I heard recently."Here's what he told the Congregation: There was a young scientist who did an experiment with rats.

    He taught all of them to go through a maze. After a while he decided to time them to see how long it would take the rats to get through, and, on average, he found that it took approximately ten minutes..He then decided to separate the rats into three groups and experiment with them for two weeks.The first group would act as the control group and so he did absolutely nothing to change their routine.For the second group, he put a speaker on top of the cage and for about ten hours a day, he played classical music.

    For the third group, he also put a speaker on top of the cage, but exposed them to rap music for ten hours a day.After the two week testing period, he examined the first group of rats and, again, had them go through the maze. As always, it took them just about ten minutes to go through.The second group, the ones exposed to classical music, went through the maze, but it only took them eight minutes. Hmmm. They shaved off two minutes. Interesting.Finally, he went to the third group of rats. The ones exposed to rap music."How long do you think it took THEM to go through the maze?

    Would you believe that it took that third group of rats TWENTY MINUTES where originally, it had only taken them ten minutes. Apparently, the rap music slowed them down mentally - and the rats didn?t know the words either! Do you know why they slowed down so much?

    "The audience sat quietly and listened. And the Circuit Overseer explained:"We don't know. And the young scientist doesn't know either because he was unable to continue the experiment. He was forced to stop. Why?

    All the rats that had been exposed to the rap music for ten hours a day for two weeks all started to kill each other!" {A soft, collective gasp from the audience.}

    (We see that in the news every day, who needs experiments w/ rats to prove it!)

    The Circuit Overseer concluded his talk with a thought provoking statement: "Friends, consider carefully. Do you really think that such vulgar, crude, and profane rap music has no effect on you?" And really, it doesn't matter if we're talking about music, TV, books, bad associations, or anything else that is vulgar, profane, or crude from Jehovah's point of view. Don't fool yourself into thinking that it has no effect on YOU!"

  • daniel-p

    LOL, even if the study is true, there are so many unknown variables in that kind of test its rediculous. The average decibel level of the music could played a huge factor for one. And the style of music is completely different. Also, any kind of conclusion drawn from such a study could only be made by a J-dub quack-attack, since the results--not having the study in front me--are so ambiguous.

  • Not Feeling It
    Not Feeling It

    That's an old one. When I was a kid it was told regarding heavy metal. I never knew if it was from watching the world or just completely spurrious (synonym?).


    More WBT$ BullSh*t..

    How many Rats have you seen with Baggy Pants and a shit load of Jewelery?


  • Nosferatu

    That's nothing. I did a similar experiment with JWs.

    When I had a car full of JWs, I usually played no music. For a change, I started playing "Flashback Greats from the 60s" and everyone in the car group was happy, and they placed a lot of magazines, and we were able to get an extra territory in due to how quickly we finished the others.

    A month later, I started playing Kingdom Melodies. The car group didn't seem to be very happy, nobody was placing anything, they were walking slower between houses, and people were going for refills on our coffee break! We were less productive than when I played nothing in the car.

    I couldn't finish my experiment either. Over the next month, our service group started to dwindle down to where there was just me and sister faithful who was almost deaf.

  • Chalam

    How many Rats have you seen with Baggy Pants and a shit load of Jewelery?

    Have they conducted and studies on rats using kingdumb maladies?

    I think they skip that experiment and move straight on to humans

    All the best,


  • WTWizard

    First, I notice that they never give any information about where they come up with these studies (which they expect everyone to believe). If they can't locate the sources, at least give some way for people to do their own searches for sources. Let them look up the studies for themselves.

    Now, these studies could easily be flawed. You start by playing classical music at a sensible volume, and it is going to have a good effect. Then they turn up the volume for the rap, and the higher volume gives the animals a headache. This headache makes it take longer to get through the maze--while they blame the rap versus the classical. They never reverse the volume settings by playing the rap at a moderate volume and blasting classical music. It is of note that rap music tends to be very heavy on the bass compared to classical, which may be a factor (no one has done any experiments where the equalization was set so they would be about the same).

    And, where does it say that the maze was the same? If the first maze is moderately complex, the second was simpler, and the rap maze was very difficult, of course it will take longer for the rap rats to get through their tougher mazes. It will be interpreted as making rats (and people) slower, and rap music will be blamed. It will then disappear, serving the interests of those rap-hating, classical music loving people running the experiments. I could do the opposite, giving rats the easy maze after listening to rap and the difficult maze after classical, and come up with the opposite results.

    Yes, I do listen to the swear words and the gun shots in my rap. I don't get headaches on that like I do when listening to Kingdumb maladies.

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