I actually liked most JWs. Too bad it couldn't be open like it started out when I got involved

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  • gubberningbody

    I remember that there was this over the hill gang that would meet up at the McDonalds for coffee in the morning and when they had a question on a subject it never occured to them to chjeck an index or anything. They just debated among themselves and then made a decision and that was that.

    I thought these old Texans were some pretty cool old coots.

    One brother I know had to take nitro for his heart and he and I were apointed servants the same night. Later a year or so he had just moved into a new apartment, bought a new truck and hadn't hooked his phone up. He had a part the next week and while he was working on it he had a heart attack. He was wearing his old western suit and was found a few days later by a brother who checked on him and he left a note that just said...

    "Looks like this is it. I'm a goner. See you in the new system."

    That tough old coot was a class act.

    Another old bro had announcements and started them out with ... "We've got a birthday boy turnin' 40 tonight!" and mentioned his name.

    We even had one bro wear a diaper on the stage when they had some part on being a spiritual babe.

    I think about these things and realize that if it wasn't for these free-thinkers I'd never have been a witness.

    I love them even now when I think about them and it has nothing to do with the WTBS. It's all about the incredible humanity I found in the local congregation.

    Too bad that dried up and blew away.

  • AllTimeJeff
    I love them even now when I think about them and ity has nothing to do with the WTBS. It's all about the incredible humanity I found in the local congregation.

    I hear you and agree with this. I feel the same way..

    Unfortunately, its a calling card of cults to offer "incredible humanity". It's part of the appeal of cults overall.... JW's aren't the first, nor the last, to offer 'good association'.

    I do miss all my friends, I really do....

  • purplesofa
    I do miss all my friends, I really do....

    same here, but it's getting easier these days.

  • gubberningbody

    Yeah Jeff. I just wish it didn't have to be that way. When I read about people saying that JW's appeal to the "disenfranchised" and other ways it bothers me a bit because the people I knew had integrity and heart and they really cared. These older ones though were pretty simple people and weren't exactly well read. They weren't what I'd call "cowards" either. But now it seems that's all that's left. I remember this one older sister that said that people used to just "get the truth and run with it".

    That maked me think of this scene in the final moments of the movie Gallipoli...


    It's all so senseless and so unecessary.

    I think how these people giving orders at that shite-hole in Brooklyn are like these officers who sent these noble men to their death without a thought.

    Fuck them.

  • AllTimeJeff


    You know, I think when you read people try to paint all people in a big swipe, it tells more about them then the group they are upset with.

    OF COURSE, JW's are messed up. I blame that on the GB. And people join for different reasons. There may be generalizations we can apply to why people join, but at the end of the day, we join, or leave, for what we get out of it, or are getting out of....

    There are some excellent people who are really trapped in that cult. Of course, they don't view it that way.. Pity...

    Older JW's are confused, because somehow, the cognitive dissonance going on in their head is trying to tell them somethings are not adding up. But they are too invested in it to turn back now. Hell, if I were in this cult in my 50's, it would be hard for me to leave... I might have left in a knick of time myself. It's a difficult transition.

  • gubberningbody

    I wonder what keeps people from just kidnapping those shit-heads and replacing them. Then I realize that the congregations are full of shit-head replacements just like them.

    I wonder that these jerks have so little regard for the God they supposedly worship that they have to try to supplant him with their own sanitized insanity.

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