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  • 504deist

    i'm looking for a scripture i know i've read before. i'm not sure how it was worded, but, it basically says that there would be people that persecute individuals that ask questions, and they would do this in the name of god. if anyone has a clue to what i'm referring to please let me know.

  • bluecanary

    I can only think of John 16:2:

    They will put you out of the synagogue; in fact, a time is coming when anyone who kills you will think he is offering a service to God.
  • 504deist

    thanks blue, but, i don't think that's the one i am thinking of. from what i remember, it kinda says they would put you out from their midst, and would say praise jehovah, something like that.

  • possible-san

    Hi, 504deist.

    Probably, we need more hint.

    For me, John 9 comes into my mind.

  • Chalam
  • Narkissos


    Your second post remotely reminds me of Zechariah 11 (although it is quite different from what you suggested in the first one), especially v. 5: "Those who buy them (sheep) kill them and go unpunished; and those who sell them say, "Blessed be Yhwh, for I have become rich"; and their own shepherds have no pity on them."

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