If 2 or 3 are gathered and Jesus name is he there at the kingdom hall?

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  • runForever
    So we have warning from Christ in luke 21 not to follow the Governing body. But since 2 or 3 are gathered at the kingdom in his name is he there?
  • smiddy

    I have been in a number of Kingdom Halls during my 33 years as a witness , and not once have I come across Jesus , nor for that matter Jehovah.


  • Ruby456

    run forever

    following through on Jesus' reasoning I'd have to say no because the two or three would not be allowed to communicate with each other. For example, even if a person claims to be of the anointed they are not allowed to voice their thoughts and feelings of freedom from rationalist tyranny to others.

    edit: simply describing Jesus' reasoning and its implications.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    "Elephant in the room" time -

    Witnesses never gather together in Christ's name, only in the designer name enforced by Rutherford in 1935!

  • stuckinarut2
    It can't happen unless the GB is there as the mediator between Jesus and the people in the room!
  • Ding

    It's interesting how many times Jesus says "in my name," "for my name's sake," etc.

    Shouldn't the WT consider that idolatrous because he didn't say "in Jehovah's name," "for Jehovah's name's sake," etc.?

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