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  • pontoon
    Remember Memorial talks would highlight the numbers of anointed alive on earth was in a steady decline? So do they even mention the numbers anymore? Any explanation why the numbers are going up? Last one I attended was 2010, I think that was my last meeting
  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    Short version: Dropped doctrine that door was shut to anointed in 1935/38. Not all are replacements but probably are. Number means nothing anymore. There ya go. They have no problem dumping doctrines they would executed you for not believing previously when IT was "Noo Light."
  • prologos

    The disconnect for me in the outline is always the assertion that the new covenant is only for the "anointed".

    From the ransom it suddenly switches to the exclusive club. From that error the number game failure is an unavoidable consequence.

  • pontoon
    I phrased my post wrong. I'm not looking for an explanation, I know it's all made up. Does the speaker offer to the audience any information about the numbers, even if the door is still open the "anointed" are still dying off.
  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who

    Well it's not in the latest outline.


    Song No. 8 and Opening Prayer


    We are here to show our appreciation for a superlative act of love

    On this date almost 2,000 years ago, Jesus Christ gave his life in order to deliver us from the curse of sin and death

    Jesus commanded his disciples to remember his loving act in a simple ceremony, which is held once a year as a memorial [Read Luke 22:19, 20]

    In obedience to Jesus’ command, millions in 236 lands will observe the Lord’s Evening Meal tonight

    They will meet in Kingdom Halls and Assembly Halls, in private homes, in rented facilities—even in prisons and open fields

    In countries where our work is banned, appreciative ones will risk their freedom in order to obey Jesus’ command

    [Mention adjustments some in audience may have made in order to attend, and warmly commend them for making the effort]

    Last year _____________________________ observed the Lord’s Evening Meal worldwide

    Tonight we will briefly answer the following questions:

    (1) Why do humans need to be delivered from the curse of sin and death?

    (2) Who benefit from Jesus’ loving sacrifice?

    (3) Who partake of the bread and the wine?

    (4) Besides attending this meeting, what else must we do to show our appreciation for what Christ has done for us?


    The first man, Adam, had the prospect of living forever

    His enjoyment of everlasting life was dependent on his obedience

    By disobeying God, Adam personally lost the prospect of everlasting life

    Later, when children were born to him, they came under the death sentence along with Adam [Read Romans 5:12]

    Could righthearted descendants of Adam ever be delivered from the sad condition they inherited?

    They could, by means of God’s provision of the ransom sacrifice of his Son, Jesus Christ (Mt 20:28; Eph 1:7)

    Jehovah sent his only-begotten Son in order that everyone exercising faith in him could attain everlasting life (Joh 3:16)

    Jesus is “the last Adam” (1Co 15:45)

    The first Adam set his descendants on the path to destruction

    The last Adam, Jesus, provided our deliverance through his obedience as far as death [Read Romans 5:19]

    But why did Jesus have to die?

    Not for any wrong he committed; Jesus was without sin (1Pe 2:22)

    Jesus took our place, suffering death for us so that we could live forever [Read Hebrews 2:9]

    It warms our heart to think that Jesus was willing to change places with us—to suffer and die so that we could have life!

    But life where? In heaven or on earth?


    The Bible describes two destinies, or hopes, for faithful humans

    A limited number will receive everlasting life in heaven; the vast majority will enjoy life on a paradise earth, according to God’s original purpose for mankind

    We can all decide whether to become a member of God’s family of worshippers, but we cannot choose where we will serve him, in heaven or on earth

    Cannot ‘decide’ to be “born again” (Joh 3:5-8; w09 4/1 5-6)

    Jehovah determines where we will best serve

    144,000 will join Christ in heavenly Kingdom [Read Revelation 14:1]

    They are all Christians, having the name of Jesus figuratively written on their foreheads

    They also proudly bear “the name of his Father”—Jehovah

    God’s spirit gives them personal assurance that they have the heavenly hope (Ro 8:15-17)

    These partake of the bread and the wine

    The vast majority of those attending the Lord’s Evening Meal do not have the heavenly hope

    It thrills them to contemplate the blessings that God has in store for them on a paradise earth:

    Children are eager for the fulfillment of Isaiah 11:6-9 [Read]

    Sick or infirm yearn to see Isaiah 35:5, 6 come true [Read]

    Family men look forward to the day when Isaiah 65:21-23 will become a reality [Read]

    While on earth, Jesus healed the sick and even raised the dead

    He longs to reverse the effects of Adam’s sin on the human race

    Can you see yourself in the new world? God wants you to be there!


    Both those with the heavenly hope and those with the earthly hope benefit from Jesus’ sacrifice

    However, those with the earthly hope do not partake of the emblems

    Why not?

    Jesus instituted the Memorial of his death with those with whom he had made a covenant for his heavenly Kingdom, the members of which are limited to 144,000 (Lu 22:28-30)

    Those who partake of the bread and the wine tonight should be only the few remaining ones of that number who will rule with Christ in heaven (rs 267 par.5–268 par. 1)

    The Lord’s Evening Meal will be observed as long as Christians with the heavenly hope are on earth [Read 1 Corinthians 11:26]

    Once the Lord “arrives,” he will take the last of the 144,000 home to be with him in heaven (Joh 14:1-3)

    Those with the earthly hope will no longer observe the Memorial

    Will not partake of the emblems then, so do not partake now


    Tonight we will follow the pattern Jesus set for observing the Lord’s Evening Meal

    [Read and comment briefly on 1 Corinthians 11:23, 24]

    Jesus offered prayer and passed bread to 11 faithful apostles

    Unleavened bread represents Jesus’ sinless body

    [Qualified brother offers brief prayer, and then the bread is passed; optional whether speaker comments while emblems are being served]

    [Read and comment briefly on 1 Corinthians 11:25]

    Jesus prayed and then offered wine to followers

    Red wine pictures his precious “‘blood of the covenant,’ which is to be poured out in behalf of many for forgiveness of sins” (Mt 26:28)

    [Another qualified brother prays briefly, and then the wine is passed]


    Jehovah wants you to be a member of his family of worshippers

    Jesus’ sacrifice opened the way for you to have a precious relationship with your loving heavenly Father

    You must obey the rules of the household (1Ti 3:14, 15)

    God will help you to live by his standards—he wants you to succeed!

    When you are discouraged, pour out your heart to him in earnest prayer

    Build faith in God by taking in knowledge

    The more you get to know about God and Christ, the more you will love them

    Attend meetings regularly, not merely on special occasions, such as this one

    It has been heartwarming for us to consider what Jesus did for us

    In coming days and weeks, continue to reflect appreciatively on his sacrifice

    [Conclude by reading 1 John 4:9]

    Song No. 109 and Closing Prayer


    Song No. 109 and Closing Prayer


    I don't need deliverance.


  • prologos
    Jesus passed the emblems to disciples with an jewish, earthly hope, and had said in John 6, that partaking leads to everlasting life, not immortality. That was the sly leap of logic is in the outline, confusing the new covenant with the kingdom covenant. If the memorial was meant to be such an inclusive affaire, with even Judas dismissed (at least before the kingdom covenant confirmation), why does wt invite every Tom Dick and Harry and Jane? Jesus could have had 500 brothers in attendance, as he had later, but he did not, right? so where is the "this" in that practise now?
  • pontoon
    Prologos----------I've always felt that way. Jesus did not even invite any disciples so where is the bible precedent for inviting absolute strangers and even non Christians to the memorial? If there really was a GB back then wouldn't they have been invited? Didn't they teach all the early Christians were heavenly class? The answer is there is no precedent.. Funny just today they sneaked up to my door and left an invitation, no knock on the door. They irregularly stop at my house but it seems they really don't want to talk to me anymore. That's OK, I really have nothing to say to them.
  • Atlantis

    Good to hear from you pontoon! If you need a copy of the 2015 Memorial Talk Outline, I'll be glad to send you a copy. Is your email the same as before? Send me a pm if you need to. What is posted above is accurate though.



  • pontoon
    Atlantis, hello back to you! Thanks, really do not need an outline, Doctor Who posted the one above, they don't change much. I just started wondering if the numbers are even mentioned at all anymore after talking to my dad and learning how completely unaware of that he was. Years ago the anointed on earth declining on earth was one of Watchtowers proofs that they had it all right. Thanks, Pontoon

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