Anyone familar with Everest College?

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  • Pandoras cat11
    Pandoras cat11


    Just curious if anyone has ever gone to this school and if they had a good experience. It is one of those "career colleges" you see advertised on the T.V. I have an appointment with one of the advisors next week. Googled the school and have read some horror stories---then I read wonderful reviews about them. This mom has to do something ASAP. Of course, growing up in this religion we were never encouraged to get an education. Let's face it--you have to have a degree or something equivalent to get started in a profession. I'm looking into the pharmacy technician program. All thoughts are welcome. Just don't want to get scammed.

  • jamiebowers

    I received the following email from a lurker who is having difficulty registering at JWN:

    Hey, under friends @ very bottom of page 5071 Pandora's Cat11 is asking about Everest college. Write to her & tell her one girl in the comm college I go to went there for Ass degree & was told that everythimg would transfer if they wanted to go on to B S or higher. Guess what? After completing everest, went to area colleges & NO ONE would accept courses or degrees from them, so she is at comm college with me starting all over. talk of class action suit over whole thing. Let her know because I am still mute on there.

  • startingovernow

    Yeah, I would agree. It's there are a lot of little "colleges" that are a waste of time and money. Get yourself to a community college instead.

  • NeonMadman

    I think the thing to look into is their accreditation. Who accredits them? It needs to be one of the major accreditation boards, not "Joe's Appliance Repair and Accreditation Board" or something like that. If they are fully accredited, there is a good likelihood that their education is of high quality and that the credits you earn there will transfer for a higher degree. Even if you don't plan to seek a higher degree, it is a good idea to make sure your credits are transferable because 1) it shows that you have received a quality education that will speak well of you to prospective employers and 2) you might change your mind about an advanced degree later on.

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