Former elders, did you ever feel the H.S. was manuevering things for BOE?

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  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    I mean really beleive that the H.S. was bringing wrongdoing to light, or making building plans come about? Did you REALLY bite the hook all the way? If you did, what made you stop and think, "Hey wait, this is BS." (Non elders are guitly of this too. I call it Pentacostal Witnesses.) Give us your take on it. W.Once

  • sspo

    That's what we were brainwashed with but really never beileved holy spirit had anything to do in the congregation.

    There is so much crap in the congregation going on for years and people getting hurt and cheated that

    i knew if the HS was active why would he wait so long to bring it to light?

    One sister kept her adultery hidden for 13 years and never got caught, she eventually came forward.

    Another married sister was screwing around for 30 years while she was pioneering and eventually her husband

    caught her.

    Elders were the worst in defrauding the sheep, holy spirit seems did not care.

    That's why this holy spirit business is nothing but a big joke.

  • WTWizard

    Did the Unholy Spirit succeed in preventing me from displaying sun-worship decorations in my place all this time? Did the Unholy Spirit lead the hounders to my Ouija board (it has had more than three years--seems like the Unholy Spirit is moving like snail)? Did the Unholy Spirit reveal my involvement in that "secret society" that encourages people to think on their own (with or without their help) before I realized that the Bible lies and have the potential to ruin new studies?

    Even granted that it was Jehovah Scumbag's will for me to remain celibate, to plunge the whole world into the Second Dark Ages through the Washtowel Babble and Crap Slaveholdery, and to p*** away my whole life around nothing but just plain men (and there is plenty of hard evidence within my life that this is the case), all they did was to exploit a situation that they already saw. And that doesn't explain why the hounders fell for all the flimsy excuses I made up to miss all those boasting sessions from as far back as 1996, and waste all that time worrying about whose turn it is to hound me into going back.

    I would have presumed that the Unholy Spirit would have moved the hounders to seize control of me as soon as I started missing "too many" boasting sessions, even hosting me to save my life keep me at their disposal to go into the Value Destroyer Training School. And, even if they do recapture me on this upcoming "Witless to men" Kingdumb Misery, I will attribute it to mere human observation and not Unholy Spirit.

    However, I have observed the effects of Jehovah's Unholy Spirit in putting up an absolutely impenetrable barrier between me and the opposite sex. If this were only within the congregations, I would have had no trouble meeting the opposite sex once I went back into the world (and I never would have had problems before becoming a witless--with a strong probability that I never would have become a witless in the first place, with nothing for them to exploit).

  • bluecanary
    However, I have observed the effects of Jehovah's Unholy Spirit in putting up an absolutely impenetrable barrier between me and the opposite sex.

    That's a funny word for B.O.


    I'm obviously not an elder, but the day I stopped believing the b0rg had HS was the day I walked. It took a lot of crap for me to be sure. But I went all the way to the top and called Bethel only to be told, "Just do whatever the elders tell you. They've never been known to steer anyone wrong."

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