I hear you do not want to learn anything

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  • behemot

    I hear you do not want to learn anything.
    I gather from that: you are millionaires.

    Your future is assured — it lies
    bright and clear before you. Your parents
    have fixed things so that your feet
    will not get bruised on any stones. So you do not need
    to learn anything. You can stay
    the way you are.

    Should some difficulties nevertheless arise — since the times,
    so I hear, are uncertain —
    you have got your Leaders, who will tell you exactly
    what you have to do so things will go well for you.
    They have consulted the ones
    who know the truths
    that are valid for all time
    and the prescriptions that always work.
    With so many who are for you
    you do not need to lift a finger.
    Of course, if things were different,
    you would have to learn.

    (Bertolt Brecht)

    This poem, especially the second part, reminded me of the JWs ... their blindly relying on others for direction, lack of critical thinking and of real learning (not the parody of studying they are administered).


  • Girlie

    Thanks for the poem Behe. It is that very reason for why I find myself wanting to leave from the JWs. I do not like the idea of not having control over my future and its destination and their absurd view on higher education made me cringe. There is no way I could last in a religion structured like this for too long. Regret the amount of time I did give to it.

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