Judicial Committees illegal in Finland, can this apply to USA law??

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  • EndofMysteries


    According to this story, Finland is investigating and claims that only one judicial body is legal, theirs. So a religion having a judicial system is illegal. Also interesting the claim that changes so JW's won't hold judicial committees (atleast in Finland) anymore.

  • joe134cd
    Well if this is true it will be very interesting to see how this plays out, both nationally and internationally. What goes for one country has to also go for another.
  • stuckinarut2

    The witnesses will just keep doing it but call it something else in finland.

    They wont be told what to do by "satan's world"

  • MaxTan

    Unfortunately, the Judicial Committees are NOT deemed illegal in Finland.

    The story you linked to is pretty old. It was published before the "investigation" into JW Judicial Committees...

    I am going to copy paste what I wrote about this in another thread:

    The "investigation" was like this: The Finnish Minister of Interior and Minister of Justice met with three top dogs from the Finnish Bethel, and apparently, they managed to convince them everything is fine.

    The Ministers issued a press release saying, in essence, that Jehovah's Witnesses Judicial Committees are not a judicial system competing with the Finnish judicial system, and the JC's can be likened to disciplinary measures taken by any non-profit against its own members. And if somebody feels like a crime has been committed against them, they should go to the appropriate authorities.

    So as long as nobody files a criminal complaint against the WT and the case is not taken to court, and ruled against the WT, JCs are assumed legal in Finland and it's business as usual for the WT.

  • EndofMysteries
    Perhaps Finnish authorities should be enlightened that JC's take on criminal matters, such as child sex abuse, etc. Which DOES compete with any other law authority.
  • stuckinarut2

    Good point End of Mysteries!

    Yes, tell the authorities about the "2witness rule"!

  • Fisherman
    Finnish investigations are not contingent on your lights. Depending on the law of the land, it is not the duty of the church to report or to prosecute crimes.

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