sleepless in your ass off....

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  • oompa

    watching one of my all time fave movies on oxygen channel......the soundtrack is my fave of all movies btw.....but the entire time it is on there is an ad in white in the bottom right corner that says...


    so new!.......TOMORROW 10/9C

    now dont get me wrong....i cuss like a sailor compared to when i was a goodie two shoes dubbie.......but it did make me think that as a kid that was a "bad" could get in trouble at school for using it.......prob even if referring to a farm animal.....and now here it is on the tv screen for an entire movie??? is bugging me......oompa

    this felt like a twitter post....and for some reason i love that subject line!....which says almost nothing about the nature of my post....

  • bluecanary

    oompa, do you remember when "butt" was a bad word?

  • kitten whiskers
    kitten whiskers

    It bothers me too Oompa.

    Trying to raise kids that don't swear and watch disgusting movies is a real challenge today. The commercials are enough to give nightmares and scar their little minds and hearts! I hate that about TV. I hate having a commercial interrupting the show as they dance a time and people from the other show across the bottom of the screen. Intentionally breaking your concentration and messing up the picture.

    I hate that ABC advertises themselves as the "new family". I hate their "family" ideas. They are so corrupt and show no morals or values in their shows. I miss the days of "ALF", "Cosby" and "Home Improvement". There is nothing out there for "traditional family" television. I sure am not going to have my daughter watch a show about a pregnant 16 year old! Not the values I want instilled.

    I can't believe the way kids talk and act. The movies that their parents let them go to. We went to a *gasp* rated R movie for the first and only time over a year ago. There were so many little kids around 6 to 9 there I couldn't believe it. No wonder my kids have problems with terrible kids in their schools. Their parents are encouraging it. It's sad. So sad that they think it's alright to offend any and everyone with their obscenities.

    I may cuss enough to make a sailor blush at times...but I try not to do it in front of children or other people. I don't think the cat really he gets to hear it!

  • bluecanary

    I think that swear words are like spices. Used sparingly, they can enhance comments or jokes. You may love garlic salt, but if you dump a cup of it into a dish it will be inedible. I can stand watching anything with constant swear words.

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