Aussie slack Security leads to planned Somalian Terrorist attack, suicide!

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Our Holsworthy Military Barracks in Sydney has as security, two old men, private Security Guards who have no weapons, hand cuffs or Pepper spray {illegal here} they just have a pen and notepad.....and a boom gate! They are protecting our Soldiers and Military installations!!!!!!!

    This lead to this weeks arrest of an Islamic Somalian Terror group who planned to Machine gun the Barracks before committing suicide.

    Sometimes our "laid back" Aussie lifestyle is our un-doing....not enough security here!

  • brinjen

    Private security guards can carry weapons and pepper spray as long as they have a license to do so. The security company which provided the guards at the supermarket I used to work the night shift at, had guards with these licenses. Thankfully, they only had to use them once and it was a night I wasn't working. Some guy walked up to the Duty Manager that night and started punching him in the head. The guy was high as a kite at the time and when he got high, he thought he was Jesus. The duty manager had a punkish looking haircut so to 'Jesus' he looked like the debil. Took 4 guards to bring this guy down (pepper spray had no effect on him). Police were called in and it took those 4 guards as well as 3 police officers to get him in the back of the van when he was arrested. Needless to say, the guy was also served with a store banning... he's not allowed to enter that shopping centre again.

    On a side note... the guards all got to go home and tell their partners "I arrested Jesus tonight!"

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