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    Got a book today, which takes a lighthearted trip through the OT in Glaswegian Verse, but had to make adjustments cos I thought most here wouldn't understand the 'slang' words. It's probably not as funny now............

    Never mind....!

    When Noah was a hundred,

    he still was just a lad.

    Cos he lived for near

    A thousand year

    which really wasn't bad.

    He didn't start a family

    Till youth had passed it's flush.

    Just 'play it cool'

    was Noah's rule

    For he wasn't one to rush.

    I'm told he was five hundred,

    When Shem was on his knee

    And then when Ham

    was out the pram

    Wee Japheth made it three.

    In the days men were wicked

    ignoring all God's laws.

    And it got so bad

    It made God mad,

    And not without good cause.

    And so the Lord decided,

    since man was such a dud,

    He'd cause them all

    Both great and small,

    To perish in a flood.

    But then he noticed Noah,

    Who always paid his subs.

    A great wee bloke

    Who didn't smoke,

    And stayed away from pubs.

    So God decided in his mercy

    He would save his life,

    His family too

    would see it through,

    Including Noah's wife.

    God told him, 'Build a vessel'.

    Use the tree's stout bark.

    We'll make a boat,

    That's gonna float,

    And we'll call the thing an ark !

    And now I'm going to tell you,

    Just what you've got to do.

    If you do the task

    just as I ask

    We'll have a floating zoo.

    'For i want you to bring back,

    From your safari trip,

    Two at least

    of every beast,

    And pack them in the ship.

    'I don't believe you're serious'

    Said Noah with a laugh.

    'A bird or two

    would surely do,

    But not a big giraffe!

    'And if I might continue

    Tho' I dont want to rant,

    But I see the sense

    in ducks and hens,

    But not an elephant!

    God said, 'Just do as I say'

    But Noah wasn't keen.

    'Do you not just think

    The thing might sink,

    And be a submarine?

    God answered 'Trust me Noah'

    I'll never let you down.

    just simply do

    as I tell you to,

    And I promise you'll not drown.'

    And so the ark was built to plan,

    His wife and kids the crew.

    Beasts fat and thin

    Were packed within -

    And the family goldfish too.

    Before long the deluge started.

    There was no place to hide.

    The rain just poured

    The wind just roared -

    Like summer on the Clyde.

    And all the earth was flooded.

    Submerged beneath the deep.

    The world was ended,

    Life suspended,

    it made poor Noah weep.

    But finally the waters ebbed,

    The flood was drained away

    And life began

    again for man,

    Upon that glorious day.

    Then Noah and his family,

    Saw a rainbow through the rain.

    The colours meant

    God's wrath was spent,

    And man could start again.

    And yet we know there always

    Will be folk who go astray,

    And seek reward

    Without the Lord,

    And go their own sweet way.

    But tho' man tries, he'll never find

    The gold at rainbow's end

    For Noah showed

    Salvation,s road,

    Is just to be God's friend.

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    Traduit en français ce poème est une composition agréable à lire


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