Elder tactics in the secular world

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  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    There's a few JW's I still deal with. Some business etc etc. Well 3 years back I was involved in a financial group of investers in a commercial purchase. Well I was smart enough to secure my money. 3 years later and I have my investment back. Well the deal is starting to go sour. My back is covered.

    Well the brother running the group is an elder and is starting to panic. To protect himself he wants to sell now. He calls everyone in the group to agree with him and then he calls me. I am no attorney but I am a broker so I do know Real Estate Law. This "brother" starts with how he's already discussed this with the group and 95% agree with him. My response? I don't care for decisions by majority because it rarely has to do with a decision by who is right. He starts in again and I'm interrupting and telling him I'm calling my business partner, (an attorney), and getting real advice. He keeps grinding me in circular arguments, the fact that the 95% agree with him blah blah blah. I told him that 1st of all, I care little what the "majority " speaks, 2nd, before he started flapping his gums he should have sought council with someone in the know. 3rd, this conversation is inane and I'm hanging up.

    I mean really. This was the same Nazi tactics in the KH. Tell the person the decison is already made so tow the rope.

    Well turns out I'm right. Council agreed with me.

    So now he's trying to find him a person to agree. I said good luck.

    I heard from another investor that he called my actions apostate. I said thank u

  • cameo-d

    wha: "This was the same Nazi tactics in the KH. Tell the person the decison is already made so tow the rope.

    I heard from another investor that he called my actions apostate. I said thank u

    What a manipulative creep. It's amazing how many people 'do as they are told' because of that tactic "decision is made so tow the rope."

    Very good words of summation, wha.

    I imagine since they instill such threat and fear in congregants, it can't help but spill over into the business world as well. Their egos get a bit over-inflated, I think.

    And to call you apostate over disagreeing in a business decision? Hmmm....I think he could open himself up for a legal maneuver talking like that and dragging your religious views into a personal slander situation because you disagree with a business decision.

    Maybe you could hint that your lawyer may need to deposition the whole group if he is using his religious authority to slander you or cause you a loss of income.

    That could serve to set a real precedence with some pompous elders who take their authority beyond the KH!

  • WTWizard

    And guess who is going to take a bath--the "95%" that were supposedly "right". Once they take a bath, they are going to have a miserable time trying to find anyone that will agree with them.

  • JeffT

    I also work in real estate. If he was smart he would have sold two years ago. Now the only intelligent thing to do is hang on until times get better. Do your incorporating documents allow them to sell their shares? If they want out and are willing to take a loss, they could do that.

  • vilot

    In all my adult life I have worked with worldly people and witnesses. Worldly employers always conducted themselves in proper business conduct while each and everyone of the witnesses employers acted underhanded and dispictable business conduct always out for themselves only and didn't give a crap for anyone else.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Well it turns out I'm right and the other 95% are not. He's now calling me with a completley different attitude. I sent him an email from my partner asking for details of either scenario. Either forclosing and holding the property, (The rents do pay for itsef), or negotiating the balance down to allow them to complete the sale.

    The elder wants me to email my thoughts so he can share them with the group.

    I love it

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Now I'm the "Knowledgable one". What no nothing dorks

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