Is some sort of family structure necessary for a meaningful life?

by The Berean 2 Replies latest jw friends

  • The Berean
    The Berean

    I have seen the tradition both as a help and as a burden ...

  • JeffT

    I think most people are happier with something to keep the rain out.

    Sorry, sometimes I'm incorrigible. Family is good, it connects the past with the future (or should). Without that, we're not much different from bacteria, just reproducing for the sake of reproducing.

  • Lillith26

    I have two families- the one i share DNA with and the family I chose to have around me. I have know my sister for 10 years now, my children call her Aunty and we are closer than real sisters (this kinda goes against the bloods thicker than water theory). We dont need a traditional family structure to live a meaningfull life- regardless of DNA, as long as we surround ourselves with a few good people who love us we have a REAL family and can have a meaningful life together.

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