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  • bobld

    Why did not the father take to heart the counsel and wisdom of the Faithful slave (GB)?What kind of example did he set for his sons?

    circa 1970:The counsel of the Faithful slave to teenagers was to go pioneering.They would not complete high school because the end was so near.They would not get married in this system let alone have children.I'am not good at judging age,but I would say the father in the drama would be a young person in the seventies.Here we have someone who has a family business,acquired wealth and has enough money so his son doesn't have to work.That was 1970..on wards.Here we have a family business 35 years later and the end is not here.Today the faithful slave discourages materialism,obvously the father did not listen.Good for him,but he missed the point.Did not this father say to his son to pioneer because the end was so near.Again,why did the father not pioneer,instead of starting a business and making money.

    The Father should encourage his son to start a business today.And in 35 years the son can encourage his son.


  • bobld
  • quietlyleaving

    very interesting bobld. The father doesn't seem to be learning from his own experience to pass on wisdom to his son and doesn't seem to be listening to his son's wisdom who wants to go to college and work and be independent, all particularly useful during this time of the recession.

    The father made use of conditions during the 70s to start a business - lots of people in the world were doing the same. So yes the father should be eoncouraging his son to look at the econoimc conditions and do whats necessary to care for himself financially instead of encouraging him to rely on his own business which is very likely to go be going downhill/bust soon anyway.

  • marcopolo

    in the parable Jesus doesn't say that when child has returned the elderly do judicial committee for him

  • Pistoff

    The WT writers are very good at misdirection; from what I have heard of this drama, it is emotionally manipulative, most will not examine it logically.

    That idea, that the father had a business built up enough to include his son, hit me too; obviously he knew what to ignore from the platform.


  • Quandry


    What a good point!!! Why wasn't the setting at an old trailer somewhere or maybe in a foreign country because the parents were busy pioneering and completely broke?

    If they'd been obedient, they'd only have hamburger and a trip to the Goodwill for clothes to give the kid on his return.

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