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  • thepackage

    As a young adult, I did many stupid things in my life, including becoming a JW. However, that decision only hurt myself and not others. I was ignorant and to a certain extent fooled. However, one thing I did knowing it was wrong was I drank and drove several time therefore putting others in danger. PLEASE do not drink in drive. The article below involves my friends’ granddaughter. Yes all the people are involved are JW’s but that is beside the point, when something like this hits close to home it’s a reality check. I don’t drink in drive or really drink any more. I’m not passing judgment and saying not to drink, but this was a beautiful young child that played with my kids as recently as two week ago and it such a wrong decision by the mother and driver to do this. I love my kids very much and the thought of them dieing because of my irresponsibility is unacceptable. I’ve very sad right now for my good friend and can’t even think what my kids are going to think or say when they find out.

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    I am so sorry. We are all bombarded by the don't drink and drive. I can't understand why some don't listen! It is such an easy thing to follow.

  • Lucky Calamity
    Lucky Calamity

    HL - The reason it happens so much is that the first thing to go is your judgment, NOT your coordination, so many people misjudge that they are "okay to drive."

    That's why just don't drink and drive is the best rule . . . regardless of what your judgment or lack of it tells you . . .

    thepackage - I am so sorry for your loss!

  • JWdaughter

    I'm sad to read of things like this. What a tragedy. I'm sorry for your loss.

  • kitten whiskers
    kitten whiskers

    Much sympathy to you! I am sorry you have to deal with this and the turmoil. That is very sad.

  • thebiggestlie

    My girlfriends dad just got a DUI sunday night. He's an airline mechanic he had 12 or so beers before driving to work at night. He works the night shift. He got a block away from the airport when he was pulled over. I think its kind of unsettling that someone working on airplanes would be drunk on the job. We let him spend the night in jail to let him think about what he did. He's a raging, violent alcoholic though. Its a sad thing. But i completely agree. Drinking and driving is a terrible crime . Just last week that one woman killed herself and 7 others including her own children when she was driving drunk and under the influence of Marijuana on the insterstate.

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