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    This was sent to me today,


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    Nothing happens when I click on it, and nothing comes up when I Google it.

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    I didn't click on it because I was worried about a virus. Expirience is not even a word. (I'm the administrator of Hormonal OCD Editing of Posts:)

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    The link points to a local file, not an Internet address.

    "What we have here is a failure to communicate."

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    here,I transfered it directly from the message,hope it works, if not I'll get my son the computer wiz to fix it sometime

    this weekend.


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    It transfers me right back to this page.

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    I'll never get this figured out, so here is the written version, 98% word for word.

    Placing handbills,

    98 year old “Lolita”, has many years of experience in service and placing handbills. But she wanted to have a greater share in placing literature, and since she is 98, her options are quite limited. But she did her best as time went on.

    One day several sisters decided to take “Lolita” to have her hair done at a local salon.

    She decided to bring with, and give the hairdresser an invitation to the DC.

    So in the background on the radio, the announcer was asking if there were any JW’s that were going to celebrate the 4 th of July.

    The hairdresser being a bold individual herself called in, (it was a talk radio format), and told the announcer that a JW was in her salon getting her hair done right now ! ( insert laughter, and clapping in the DC background right now)

    The phone was handed over, and the announcer asked “what will you be doing on July 4 th ?

    Lolita said : The same thing I will be doing on July 3 rd ”. (background clapping)

    The hairdresser whispered to her, “tell him about the assembly handbill that you gave me”.

    So on the radio 98 year old Lolita read the ENTIRE HANDBILL to the radio announcer and his entire audience inviting a huge amount of people to the assembly!

    Who knows how many people were moved to attend the sessions, and learn about Jehovah?

    So we never know how Jehovah will use us if we have the proper attitude, zeal, and keep in expectation of his day.

    (ends with vigorous clapping, and laughter)

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    Psychotic Parrot

    Makes you proud to no longer be one of jehoobie's witlesses

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