Another JW Caught in the Act

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    Man jailed for sex attack on woman, 89

    Published Date: 31 July 2009

    A Wigan pensioner was sexually attacked in her own home by a man pretending to be a trainee doctor.

    The 89-year-old woman was brutally assaulted by a man who regularly delivered her medication to her flat in Ashton.

    Daniel Simonetti, a Jehovah's Witness, let himself into the old lady's home uninvited at 4.30pm on March 11 this year and, without bringing her medication, locked the door of her Ashton home and molested her.

    Liverpool Crown Court heard that Simonetti, 31, had indecently assaulted a four-year-old girl 13 years ago. He never appeared in court over that, as the police gave him a caution.

    Jailing Simonetti indefinitely, Judge John Roberts branded him "dangerous to vulnerable females" and said he found it remarkable that he was not prosecuted for the first offence.

    Judge Roberts said that Simonetti had caused the pensioner "immense pain" during the serious sexual assault.

    He imposed an indeterminate sentence and ordered him to serve at least three years but warned it would be up to the Parole Board to decide when and if he should be released. He also ordered him to sign on the Sex Offenders Register for life.

    Keith Sutton, prosecuting, said: "He said he had come to take urine and was a trainee doctor." He carried out a serious sexual assault, causing his victim to cry out.

    Mr Sutton said: "Simonetti pretended to talk to a medic on his phone and then went into her bathroom. He came out after a few minutes and then returned to the bathroom locking the door."

    A neighbouring friend called at the flat and found the door locked. Simonetti let her in and he talked to them both before leaving, said Mr Sutton.

    After the victim said what happened, the police were called and she was medically examined. She was found to have bruises and swelling.
    Simonetti was arrested two days later. Simonetti, of Roper Street, St Helens, denied rape, which was dropped, but admitted assault by penetration. He has no previous convictions.

    Defence barrister Paul Treble said Simonetti, who is deaf, was contrite and regretful. Mr Treble said: "He accepts it was a terrible offence."

    The full article contains 370 words and appears in Wigan Evening Post newspaper.

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    • Source: Wigan Evening Post
    • Location: Wigan
  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Assault by penetration IS rape! Forced Unlawful Carnal Knowledge. See why I hate the 'F' word so much?

  • jamiebowers
    Forced Unlawful Carnal Knowledge. See why I hate the 'F' word so much?

    Is that how the "F" word came about?

  • megs

    No... that is not where it came from, that's an urban myth...

    Back to the topic... Why on earth would a "warning" be given for assaulting a child?!

  • jamiebowers
    Back to the topic... Why on earth would a "warning" be given for assaulting a child?!

    That's exactly whatI was wondering...possibly parent unwilling to alow the child to testify or the child was too traumatized to testify?

  • flipper

    JAMIEBOWERS- Thanks for posting this ! this is totally gross ! This guy said he was " contrite and regretful " ?? He'd regret the day he was born if they let me at him ! That is some sick $hit ! A poor old lady getting taken advantage of and sexually molested- they should throw the book at this guy and lock the door and throw away the key ! Is it any wonder to any of us why this guy got a reprieve before ? I think we all know. It's the " JW child molester teflon syndrome " . I need to finish my 2nd glass of Merlot wine or I'll completely climb into the computer and strangle this guy myself ! Gotta go BBQ anyway ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • megs

    I'd hold him down for you mr. f... the man has committed absolutely unforgiveable crimes... There is no lower than those who would prey on children and the elderly.

  • lilyflor

    Jehovah's witnesses don't go to war and kill other witnesses, they are too busy raping helpless elderly women. if only the whole world was like the witnesses, it would be a better place



    "Why on earth would a "warning" be given for assaulting a child?"

    Could it be because they couldn’t find TWO WITNESSES?


  • dozy

    "Sentencing Simonetti, Judge Roberts made reference to a police caution he received in 1996 for indecency against the four-year-old daughter of an acquaintance he knew through his involvement with Jehovah’s Witnesses."

  • JWdaughter

    I wonder how many people gave him a free pass because he showed empathy and contrition? Oh, and because he is disabled? Was he still a JW? Was he DF'd for his previous offence? What the HECK happened that he was let off from molesting a child with a warning? Only two years for what he did to that woman? MINIMUM SENTENCE???? This is the same country that originally let that elder off from raping all the little JW kids before.

    Do judges in that country find no worth in JW children or in elderly women? What does it take to actually be punished for sexually assaulting a person in that country? Does one need to be a nubile hottie? Babies and old ladies don't matter? Was the little old lady a JW? An article said he was acquainted with her. . . .maybe JWs there ought to fight with the Borg and the Legal System to get justice!

    "The court heard how Simonetti, who knew the victim, had been making deliveries to her neighbours, but entered her flat as she was undressing."

  • iknowall558

    I am disgusted ! Dozy's article posted says that he was..."supported by his wife and family....." SUPPORTED ?!!!! Eh? So, are they willing to stick with him in spite of what he did? In my opinion, they are just as sick as he is..!!!

    Also says he shows remarkable empathy for his victim. This makes him unusual , and he wants to apologise to his victim......... WHAT A DECENT HUMAN BEING EH ?

    ...."He realises he needs assistance and support to change his behaviour.." HE NEEDS TO HAVE HIS **** CUT OFF !

  • wizardca

    I wonder why it is that when a JW is arrested or sentenced for child abuse, rape, murder, whatever it always says they are a JW. I don't ever recall seeing it stated that they are agnostic, atheist, a Wiccan, Catholic, Methodist, Lutheran, etc. and certainly JW members don't have the market cornered on these crimes. People pose as plumbers, water officials, police officers, etc.

  • digderidoo

    Assault by penetration IS rape! Forced Unlawful Carnal Knowledge. See why I hate the 'F' word so much?

    English law only recognises penile penetration as rape, assault by penitration is a new offence since 2003. Assault by penetration still carries a maximum life sentence but when the sexual offences law was reformed recently it was decided to differentiate between penile penetration to any other penetration. Although by legal definition there is a difference, the seriousness of the offence is not diminished as shown through the maximum life sentence.

    The sexual offence laws of this country had a major reform with the Sexual Offences Act 2003 as the old laws were seen as archaic. Reformation of the law has led to more convictions, where prior many got off on technicalities.

    Back to the topic... Why on earth would a "warning" be given for assaulting a child?!

    That's exactly whatI was wondering...possibly parent unwilling to alow the child to testify or the child was too traumatized to testify?

    It wouldn't be the case that the parent wouldn't allow the child to testify. The guy was given a 'caution', not a warning. Personally i am disgusted that the police can give cautions for this, there has been media debate on this as it is not widely known that police are allowed to do this.

    If police give a caution, one of the criteria has to be that the suspect admits to the offence. Therefore there would be no need for the child to testify anyway, the suspect has already admitted his guilt.


  • AllTimeJeff

    This is sick and sad.

    As a way to expose JW's however, other then the sensational headline that this disgusting being professed to be a JW, it has little value. Most JW's by far would be repulsed by this. This could have been a member of any religious organization.

    JW's biggest scandal continues to be pedophiles. That is an ongoing problem that needs more exposing.

    I certainly hope that at best, questions are asked by those outside about JW's. I doubt it will have much impact on practicing JW's as a whole thought.

  • nelly136

    vague memory from when i was studying up on male 'rape' many moons ago the term rape didnt apply to men as they didnt have a vagina, and rape was classed as per vagina so the term 'assault by penetration' was used instead...

    so if they're using that term its quite possible the lady was subjected to sodomy instead of being raped in the usual sense of the word. either way its horrible that anyone should be subjected to any kind of assault.

    i'd like to think that they'd throw away the key and get out rusty razorblades, reality is he'll probably be back on the doors in no time.

  • darkl1ght3r

    Disgusting and disturbing. What goes on in some people minds... ??? Ugh. Don't want to know.

    It is true that the man could've easily been a member of any religion, but this does shatter the myth that JWs are on some kind of "higher moral plane" than the rest of humanity.

  • I discovered
    I discovered

    I find all of the article disgusting,but raping a helpless elderly woman.

  • Gayle

    This is so nauseating! He obviously evil, preying on children and elderly. After what he did to that little 4 yr old,,how could he get a job even to "regularly deliver medicaton?" Don't companies do "background checks" on them? Shouldn't the company have accountability.

    I doubt families in the local congregation were ever notified about him regarding the prior 4 yr old's assault. They should feel outraged, about having such a perpetrator in their midst. If the elder's knew, then the congregation should be outraged at the elders. If the Watchtower organization knew, they should be outraged at the Governing Body for their protection of such people. The parents within the organization should all stand up to their obligation to protect their children and to be informed of any known sex offenders of any sort in their congregation.

    Three years is not enough of a sentence. I find it extremely shameful of a sentence. He's a serial sex offender and I doubt will ever change.

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