Does anyone have the audio of Franz quoting JFR "making an ass of myself"?

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  • middleman

    I saw this somewhere sometime back but not quite sure where. If anyone has it, I would be very grateful and will give you a gold star lol. This quote was concerning the failed 1925 date.


  • cabasilas

    As far as I know, it was Karl Klein (in writing his life story) that quoted Rutherford saying that. It's in the Oct 1 1984 Watchtower. Klein says in a footnote in the article:

    Regarding his misguided statements as to what we could expect in 1925, he once confessed to us at Bethel, “I made an ass of myself.”

    Perhaps Franz cited this too? I don't know.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    If you just need to prove it was said, tell your JW to type "ass of myself" into his WTCD.

  • wobble

    Rutherford is coming mighty close ,with that statement, to saying that there was NO input from Holy Spirit,which of course is blindingly obvious to us.



  • StoneWall

    middleman seems like it was a Time magazine article that was quoting JFR where he stated making an ass of himself in

    regards to the Beth Sarim mansion out near San Diego.Calif.and the Princes being resurrected around 1925.

    I hope that helps you to locate the info.

    I wish I could remember where I seen that.

  • Black Sheep
  • VM44

    Why didn't anyone tell Rutherford not to use the words "ass" or "jackass" during a talk?

    A description of a recording of Rutherford played on the radio:

    Judge Rutherford. August 10, 1941. WBBR, New York City. "Children Of The King".

    WBBR was owned (or closely identified with) by The People's Pulpit Association (The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, also known as "Jehovah's Witnesses"). The station shared the frequency with WEVD, WFAB and WHAZ.

    The recording was made at a St. Louis convention.

    Judge Rutherford is heard preaching before a large group of his followers.

    "God says, 'Quit making jackasses of yourselves.'"

    "Armeggedon is near at hand."

    "Do not send your children to those devilish movies to learn evil."

    Judge Rutherford mentions his latest (and what would be his last) book, "Children." The book advocates not marrying or having children. Judge Rutherford promises a copy of "Children" to all fifteen-thousand present. he died January 8, 1942.

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