The Jehovah's Witnesses a Pretentious Commercialized False Prophet, Yes or No ?

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  • Finkelstein

    Doing some reflective research onto the JWS and even further back to the IBSA, there is a lot of obtainable information about these organizations and the people who headed up these adjoined organizations. I myself found many bits of information that were left blank, missing pieces that I may have assumed on speculation but upon reviewing those bits of information actually reconfirmed of what I had originally thought.

    Most of that involves the pressing agenda of the WTS to proliferate its publications by using dubiously concocted but nevertheless alluring doctrines to promote literature which the organization and its head editorial writers devised on their own.

    On a theological perspective the identity of a false prophet comes up quite often in discussion and perhaps rightly so for many the professed doctrines came to be simply false in nature. The Watchtower has had a long list of things that the people at the top said they saw were actually not true, maybe what they saw more or less needed to see were creating doctrines that were in themselves self supporting toward their publications .

    Well it now 141 years since the WTS was incorporated as a publishing house and still its pumping out doctrines that say the world is imminently going to be destroyed and that mankind is living in the last days of its present existence.

    ummmmm...... kind of sounds a bit old and drawn out now doesn't it. ?

    Maybe the WTS was just a organization orchestrated by men who wanted to slice themselves a portion out of Christendom and say we are a purer form of worship and since judgment day was coming soon it would best to come join us, some people obviously did.

  • Finkelstein

    Imagine for a second if you opened your local news paper one morning and saw this advertisement on a page.

  • Splash
    *** w00 10/1 p. 10 par. 9 Bible Reading—Profitable and Pleasurable ***
    "Wise King Solomon wrote: “Take a warning: To the making of many books there is no end, and much devotion to them is wearisome to the flesh.” (Ecclesiastes 12:12) One might add that the reading of many books published today is not only wearisome to the flesh but, frankly, dangerous to the mind."
  • Vidiot

    Finkelstein - "Imagine for a second if you opened your local news paper one morning and saw this advertisement on a page."


    These days, only the Weekly World News would consider printing something like that...

    ...and even they might think twice.

  • Louise
    of course they are. Not one of their prophesies have come to pass.
  • Fernando
    Yes, it seems a pretty apt description to me...

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