Too young to die at 50...I'm still in mourning...

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  • undercover

    No...I'm not mourning that freak clown pedophile...

    Pitchman extraordinaire, Billy Mays died...

    He was much more entertaining than MJ the last few years. Daytime and late night TV will sorely miss Billy.

    At least Heaven will have whiter whites with Billy and Oxi-Clean.

  • kitten whiskers
    kitten whiskers

    LOL! I bet he would love to hear that Heaven and Oxy Clean bit!

    Funny story about him:

    Our kids were on Little League this year, and another mom commented she thought my hubby sounded and looked a little like Billy. (Hubby is tall, dark hair, mustach and beard...a booming voice while coaching the kids). She said her dad knew Billy. He worked in Ohio and Billy would come by as a sales rep to sell things to his company. Then her dad moved south and lo and behold if that joker didn't follow and show up at his new place of employment!

    I thought it was a funny story. She told me about it a month I imagine her family is a little shocked right now. May he RIP. He seemed like an honest and good man.

  • undercover

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